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The Development of Children - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper “The Development of Children” seeks to evaluate a field that explores the psychological, biological and in-depth emotional developmental changes that take place in human beings covering the age between birth all the way to the end of their adolescence period…
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Extract of sample "The Development of Children"

Download file to see previous pages Relying on the fact that these child developmental changes may be strongly affected by the prevalent genetic and characteristics due to the occurring of new events in their prenatal life, development and genetics are mainly included as important basements of the children development study.
Developmental psychology is one of the related terms used in the development of children that refers to the changes throughout the individual’s pediatrics, lifespan, and the prevailing branch of medicine that is related to the child’s care. Developmental changes may surprisingly occur to the child as a result of earlier or delayed processes which are controlled genetically. These processes are known as maturation. On the other hand, the same result may occur as a result of different environmental and on the other hand learning. Similarly, most common factors will revolve around these two aspects. The development may generate from the ability of a human being capable to relate and adapt to new environments.
Every child is unique and has his or her own rate of developing. The development rates are measured in terms of a developmental milestone. Developmental milestones can be defined as the set of personal skills or in other terms as the set age-specific tasks and challenges that most children can do in a given age bracket. These are the factors that pediatrician use to check on the developing rate of a child.
The parent-child relationship is a factor that largely affects the child’s development either in a negative or positive way.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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