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Linking curriculum and assessment - Admission/Application Essay Example

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According to Mindes (2011), curriculum and assessment together forms an integral part of early childhood teaching and leaning process. In education, the critical link between curriculum assessment as well as…
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Linking curriculum and assessment
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"Linking curriculum and assessment"

Download file to see previous pages Assessment and reporting are critically important in the provision of information about the capabilities of the learners and potential recommendations about their future.
Although both curriculum and standards are closely related, curriculum tends to be more specific as compared to standards. However, both curriculum and assessment are normally guided by the same standards and framework. In my opinion, I would use the assessment of the development of children help develop an appropriate curriculum. During the assessment, the observations may be recorded and documented to provide and important reference point during the curriculum development. For example, a number of vignettes highlighted by Mindes (2011) illustrates that standards provide an important link between curriculum and assessment of the early childhood schools. In summary, the interplay between curriculum and assessment particularly through the use of standards is critically important in the development of better learning and teaching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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