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Integration of Theatre Arts into Primary Education - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper presents the integration of arts in primary education which can be of enormous importance to the education system. Theatre arts provide a valuable tool for children to understand and be able to practice different skills other than what is academic. …
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Integration of Theatre Arts into Primary Education
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Extract of sample "Integration of Theatre Arts into Primary Education"

Download file to see previous pages In this article, the authors identify how the integration of arts helps learners gain success. This has a positive impact on the performance of students. Theatre arts are crucial in helping the pupils understand ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It examines the relationship between these aspects of life to pupils. The report also identifies music and drama as having a considerable impact on improving the comprehensibility capabilities of the students. These activities help to give the students a break from the academic work. Through breaking, the students can continue with their studies in a more relaxed atmosphere.
The authors of this article review the effects of dance instructions on students of a primary school. Students who receive dance instructions, when compared to those who do not, posses better cognitive skills. The experimental research carried out forms the base of this article. Grouping of students creates a research population by not giving dance instructions to one of the two groups. The article does not support the use of dance to improve cognitive learning. It, however, criticizes the method used to carry the research. It raises a paramount concern with the failure of research to identify some variables. One of the variables being dance instruction. The use of dance instruction is not quantifiable and thus the concern.
This article seeks to establish the role of drama in the development of writing skills. The aim of the study is to establish the effect of oft drama on children. The importance of pre-writing activities is what the articles try to assess. It reveals that drama vastly improves the ability of third graders to communicate through writing. The study also persists the allowance of time for the effects of drama to show clearly. Limiting the time allocated to these activities in schools achieves little improvement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Integration of Theatre Arts into Primary Education Annotated Bibliography.
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