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Problems in the national curriculum for Pre-K-16 in the USA - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses issues and pitfalls in the national curriculum for Pre-K-16, legal role of federal government, federal funding and whether it should be tied with the achievement of objectives as well as the role of state departments in aligning the standards at district as well as at state level…
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Extract of sample "Problems in the national curriculum for Pre-K-16 in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages One of the key reasons as to why a national Pre-K 16 curriculum would actually improve the quality of education as there is the overall continuum of education between K-12 and other post-secondary education system being followed at colleges as well as universities. It has also been argued that a lot of students actually entering the country’s college and university system are significantly unprepared for reading, writing as well as mathematics. These deficiencies can create the significant disadvantage for the students because of the gap between the high school competencies and readiness for college. There is, therefore, a critical misalignment between K-12 and post-secondary standards and it can create the significant disadvantage for the youth.  One of the common pitfalls of having a national Pre-K-16 curriculum is the lack of information regarding the overall expectations of various stakeholders involved. The misalignment between the goals and expectations of teachers and institutions at both the post-secondary education institutions actually can make the case for development of national curriculum stronger. There is also a lack of shared knowledge as well as standards which can ensure uniform assessment of the students at various levels.  The implementation of the national pre-k 16 curriculum can therefore actually allow the development of a, therefore, by of assessment where less and less students will be required to enroll into remedial courses when they enter into post-secondary education. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Problems in the National Curriculum for Pre-K-16 in the USA Research Paper.
“Problems in the National Curriculum for Pre-K-16 in the USA Research Paper”, n.d.
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