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Problems a Writer Might Face in Conducting Research on Cockney Dialect of London using Questionnaires - Essay Example

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This research will begin with the definition of questionnaires as some of the most hardy research tools in use for collection of information from respondents. Principally a questionnaire consists of a number of questions, which probe the chosen sources of information for a final and comprehensive analysis. …
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Problems a Writer Might Face in Conducting Research on Cockney Dialect of London using Questionnaires
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Extract of sample "Problems a Writer Might Face in Conducting Research on Cockney Dialect of London using Questionnaires"

Download file to see previous pages As a result of research it was suggested that creating works on linguistics presents an unusual challenge, as it requires one-to-one interactions with the community under study. A second challenge comes in the nature of quantifying some data element, which exhibit more qualitative elements that quantitative elements. Therefore, writers find the use of research methods indispensable when undertaking any writing project. The use of statistical methods to conduct research helps in making the final work a reliable and accurate account on the subject area the writing undertaking covers. In linguistic research, the writing must reflect factual accuracy to the highest possible level. For instance, in the research of the Cockney dialect in London, an efficient method is necessary to unveil the overriding elements of the special linguistic elements of London residents. The study of linguistics requires qualitative research methods rather than quantitative methods. Consequently, the use of qualitative research methods is of primary importance. With the use of questionnaires, qualitative data is collectable on unique subjects that present special challenges to other forms of research methodologies. Questionnaire research is a proven and reliable method in social research of this nature, and is the method this essay explores in trying to decipher possible problems the method might present to a writer doing research on Cockney in London. Introduction Questionnaires are some of the most hardy research tools in use for collection of information from respondents. Principally a questionnaire consists of a number of questions, which probe the chosen sources of information for a final and comprehensive analysis. The questionnaire is a Sir Francis Galton’s invention (Mellenbergh, 212). Cockney is a unique accent of the English language common in residents of East London. Many analysts argue that the term Cockney bears both geographical and linguistic implications. This study emphasizes on Cockney in its linguistic identity (the English spoken by residents of the geographical region of East London). Cockney as a cultural and linguistic identity articulates a long and rich history. In addition, the subject arouses controversies and debates as to its authenticity. Over time, the definition of who constitutes a Cockney resident and who does not is now debatable. Consequently, numerous researches with the sole purpose to unravel the mystery surrounding the ancient and yet still vivid etymological group are available. Using questionnaires in data collection, this report seeks to identify some of the possible problems that a researcher might face in the course of conducting research on the Cockney language among East Londoners. Designing a Questionnaire The intimate understanding as to the nature of the research subject underlies the secret to formulating an effective questionnaire. The design of the questions in the questionnaires varies according to the parameters under measurement (University Sheffield, 1). For instance, some questionnaires measure separate variables, for example personal preferences, social behaviors or factual realities. Other kinds of questionnaires measure scale or index in a topical area of study, for instance observable traits, social attitudes, or indices on social issues and categories. For questionnaires to deliver optimum results, their design, and flow of the questions must exhibit a logical flow and a seamless interconnectedness. For closed-ended questions, it is imperative to ensure that the answers are exhaustive and unambiguous. Types of Questionnaires There are four types of questionnaires: structured non-disguised questionnaire, structured disguised questionnaire, non-structured non-disguised questionnaires, and non-structured disguised questionnaires (University Sheffield, 1). In non-disguised questionnaires, the respondent knows beforehand the purpose of the study, unlike ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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