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On the effects of water pollution - Research Paper Example

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Research on the effects of water pollution
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Extract of sample "On the effects of water pollution"

Download file to see previous pages by Calhoun and Seideman (2005, p 23), they described environmental pollution as “the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment, which normally results to an adverse negative change on the natural environment.” In these two studies, it was collectively noted that pollutants comprise of chemical substances, wastewater, garbage, and various forms of energy such as noise, light, and heat. Goel (2006) in his writings stated that certain pollutants normally cause an harmful effect if they are used in excess, for example, a small discharge of noise, light, or heat into the environment is not likely to cause an harmful effect or rather it is not likely to pollute the environment.
This research study will focus on water pollution and in particular, it seeks to investigate the effects of water pollution from a broader perspective that comprises of the eco-system and even the living organisms. Because of the essential use of water in everyday life by all living organisms, Villers (2001) argued that water pollution tends to have the most detrimental effects amongst all other forms of pollution.
Water pollution occurs when toxic substances either in liquid or solid form are discharged into water bodies and there is no effective treatment plan that has been put in place to remove the toxic substances. Because of it wide use by all living organisms, water pollution tend to have the most detrimental effect on the entire population, individual species and the natural biological community. This fact is supported by the argument that was given by Calhoun and Seideman (2005), who deemed water pollution as a major global problem that is the root cause of many diseases and deaths that in the society. In particular, a report released by the United Nations in the year 2011 under the title ‘Water Factsheet’ noted that water pollution accounts for over fourteen thousand deaths that occur on a daily basis across the World. This report further noted that water ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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