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Stress Levels for London Travelers - Research Paper Example

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This research “Stress Levels for London Travelers” involves a study of the rail transport in London, and particularly the subway. It looks at the various stress levels that people face in terms of delays, time of day in which they have to travel…
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Stress Levels for London Travelers
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Download file to see previous pages The research found that travelers, especially those on official missions or have just left work, are particularly frustrated by the little delays and hitches that regularly occur at the subway stations. The cost of travel was not as stressful as the overcrowding of the train cars and the peak-hour delays.
The research will mostly focus on finding out why people tend to get stressed up when traveling through the subway, although they heavily rely on this means of transport. It will also look at the different stress levels among London travelers. Historically, the train came to revolutionize the transportation industry. Its ability to carry many people over long distances improved the efficiency of moving people and goods from one place to another. Technological developments have led to improvements in the train transport sector through the creation of modern speed trains. These trains are faster than the early coal trains. They can transport many people to distant places within a very short time, hence have enabled the creation of train circuits. These trains have been incorporated into subways that are underground stations in which people can board the trains to and from work, as well as traveling to other errands. The overdependence of trains in London has led to the overcrowding of the subways (Antoniou, 2005).
As such, people tend to squeeze themselves in the coaches so as not to have to wait for the next trains. Regular delays have also been experienced due to technical problems arising in some of the trains that have to work endlessly throughout the day. Some investors have also taken advantage of this popularity of trains and have increased prices to get more profits from the travelers. This research will look at all these cons of the subway system and analyze their effects on the regular traveler. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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