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Ethics in Conducting - Research Paper Example

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Modern studies are the main reason of developments in almost all the fields of human lives. For this purpose, doctoral research papers are referred as valid source of information about any certain topic…
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Ethics in Conducting Research
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Extract of sample "Ethics in Conducting"

Download file to see previous pages The term ethics simply referred to the behaviour and moral conducts of any person. Generally, when the people talk about ethics, everyone think that, differentiation between the right and wrong is called ethics. This definition is right up to some level, but it does not include other necessary elements those are necessary to fulfil the ethical requirements.
If you are going to write any of the literature review or any other research paper, then there are many ethical requirements that should be considered for quality paper. For better understanding, some of the necessary elements for conducting ethical research are mentioned below separately.
Originality of the material is the main element of any research paper. For this purpose, the main ethical requirement is that, your material should be original and based upon on your own research and work. You are not allowed to use the technique of plagiarism in your research work. The term plagiarism is generally referred to the situation of taking the credit of some other’s work. For example, you want to address the audience through your research paper, but you use the information that is based on some other’s work, then this act is treated unethical by every mean. You are not allowed to use the technique of copy and paste with your work. That does not mean that you cannot refer to someone else work. You can use other’s work to gain the ideas or improving your own work. In some research papers, you are also not allowed to copy the ideas of others, but it is only in some extreme cases.
As it is mentioned above that the research papers are referred to valid source of information. So “honesty” is also treated as a major element of ethical factors. For example, you are going to make a research paper on some scientific research then you must ensure that you are honest gathering all scientific information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics in Conducting Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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