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Difficulties That Single Fathers Face in Raising a Child in London - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Difficulties That Single Fathers Face in Raising a Child in London" highlights that the researcher will have cluster sampling as he is conducting the research within London in the daycare centers where the fathers come to drop their children…
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Difficulties That Single Fathers Face in Raising a Child in London
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Extract of sample "Difficulties That Single Fathers Face in Raising a Child in London"

Download file to see previous pages The single fathers face many problems in raising their child especially in a busy city like London.
Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs that a person performs in life. Successful parenting is all about making a good personality of your child and providing them with all their needs and wants (Kurdek & Siesky, pp.85-99, 1981). A mother usually listen to the child’s problems and solves them and deals with all the household issues and the father is more responsible to meet the financial issues, in this way, they collectively run the house helping each other in performing their jobs as best they can (Goldernberg, pp. 44-59, 2007).
Analysis of the literature (Yarber & Sharp, pp. 29-52, 2010) has indicated that job a single father is a huge challenge as the children will be solely dependent on a father and the entire burden related to the household issues to the financial issues would be on him. All the responsibilities that were shared by both parents are then dealt with by the father only which might be threatening for children, as well as for the parent. Experts (Shimberg & Shimberg, pp. 56-67, 2007) have clarified that at times, the father may feel frustrated if the children are suffering from the trauma of living without their mother, the father may feel as if he may not be able to do this job alone that results in adverse psychological alterations. However, with a passage of time, it is an observation that children start understanding the situation and may help their father in running the house; however, reports have indicated vice versa occurrences as well. Even if the children understand the situation, a father has to take on all the responsibilities as a single parent that result in a huge impact on various aspects of his and children’s lives (Risman, p. 98-99, 1986).
In cases where the mother passes away, experts (Goldenberg, pp. 20-44, 2007) have indicated that it becomes a challenge for the father in a way that he himself goes through a psychological dilemma of losing his partner, and needs time to get out of that mentality.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Difficulties That Single Fathers Face in Raising a Child in London Research Proposal.
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