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However, it is indeed a common observation that infants have varied relationships from one parent to the other. Ideally, a mothers position as a caregiver of…
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Mothers and Fathers
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Mothers and Fathers Whether mother or father, the two parents remain important individuals in the development of an infants as caregivers. However, it is indeed a common observation that infants have varied relationships from one parent to the other. Ideally, a mothers position as a caregiver of an infant or child is not biologically different from that of a father; however, the situations involved play a substantive role in determining the disparity (Raver 21). Family dynamics in the life of an infant are equally critical in determining how an infant views a particular parent.
Depending on what either parent does towards the child, determines the particular reaction the child would have in response to the parent’s behavior. In most instances, infants turn to either parent in certain situations, based on the previous interactions that the two have had (Raver 36). For instance, when an infant feels hungry, most will turn to their mothers considering that in similar instances, mother have always provided the food. Similarly, most infants will turn to their fathers whenever they feel scared for protection.
Different factors contribute differently towards the position of a parent in giving care to an infant. Cultural alignments and environments play a critical role in determining how infants view either parent. Naturally, mothers are the primary caregivers in most societies as they stay home with the infants while the fathers fend for the families. However, in an instance in which the mother is the sole provider in the family and, therefore works outside the home, the father then forms a stronger bond with the infant (Kenner & McGrath 42). In such an instance, the infant would view the father as the primary nurturer and caregiver. Based on the considerations above, it is evidently clear that other than for the birthing process and breast-feeding, a mothers position as a caregiver of an infant or child is never biologically different from that of a father; however, it all depends on the circumstances involved. Both the father and mother’s positions as caregivers of an infant remain the same.
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