Thesis : The Impact of Social Media on Saudi Newsroom - Research Proposal Example

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Social media pertains to the modern technology used in creating an interactive media which allows the end-users to develop and disseminate their own messages as they connect to different media outlets and social media users (Pedersen, 2013: 210). Often times, the social media…
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Thesis Proposal: The Impact of Social Media on Saudi Newsroom
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Download file to see previous pages Specifically the actual number of active Facebook users has reached 1.23 billion worldwide as of December 2013 with 1.74 million more active users as compared to the previous year (Sedghi, 2014). With 645,750,000 active registered users, Twitter’s active users have reached 115 million each month (Statistic Brain, 2014). Other kinds of social media platform which can also be utilized in the collection and dissemination of news information include: blogs, CharRoulette, Digg, Flickr, Foursquare, Google Groups, Google Wave, Groupon, Hi5, LinkedIn, MocoSpace, MySpace, Orkut, SecondLife, Seesmic, SCVNGR, Tweetdeck, Wiki’s, Windows Online, Wordpress, Yelp, YouTube, and chat rooms like ICQ, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger (Pedersen, 2013: 210; Funk, 2011: 8 – 9; Wankel, Marovich and Stanaityte, 2010: 8). (See Figure I – Facebook’s Monthly Active Monthly Users on page 3)
The globally available social media tools are useful in terms of making the general public become more interactive and more demanding in terms of the quality of information they receive from various sources such as the media (Pedersen, 2013: 210). It could also mean that the constant increase in the number of social media users has created a huge impact in the way the newsrooms are being managed today. For instance, because of the availability of social media technology, a lot of modern journalists have moved away from the use of the old typewriters and the need to cut-out old newspapers for their personal compilation purposes (Bakhurst, 2011). Using the social media tools that are available in most mobile phone gadgets, laptops, or other related mobile devices, news reports worldwide can now be readily available on a 24/7 basis (Sheller, 2014; Crowe, 2012: 49; Bakhurst, 2011).
The Arab world has no doubt experienced an awakening of free expression. The world has witnessed the rise of an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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