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Engaging Boys with SEN in Literacy - Essay Example

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The report includes rationale of the project that indicates immediate need of research on different aspects of special educational needs that has been supported by an extensive literature review to create knowledge base for critical analysis of findings of the project…
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Engaging Boys with SEN in Literacy
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Extract of sample "Engaging Boys with SEN in Literacy"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that since the last few decades, there has been a significant increment in the concern of educators and social scientists regarding educational processes of children with SEN or special education needs. Particularly, it has now become a debatable notion where educators and policy makers argue over the efficacy and applicability of ‘inclusion’ and ‘mainstreaming’ factors for children with special needs. It has been an observation that schools and teachers that offer inclusive packages for SEN students seem to be claiming their superiority over the schools that are educating SEN students with mainstream children. However, as the time go by and as research is being carried out, huge number of educators and teachers are now realizing the importance of mainstream education and the positive effects that mainstream education system leaves on students with special needs. The project under consideration was an attempt in the same context that allowed the researcher to explore his own teaching methodology, and more importantly, engage with male students having special educational needs to ensure their literacy in the classrooms that has been an imperative issue since many years. For this purpose, the project has been a milestone for the researcher’s teaching career, as it enabled him to look on other side of boat that is inclusive teacher-student experience while remaining a mainstream teacher. One of the major reasons of getting into this project was the understanding about different factors that exist in our education system, which do not allow a student to groom properly and sometimes, the child ends up being one with special educational needs. In this regard, I carried out this project as my responsibility to explore the issues that surround the problem of lack of literacy in students and that subsequently results in creation of SEN students. KNOWLEDGE BASE As mentioned earlier, topics surrounding children with special educational needs have received noteworthy amount of attention during the last few decades, especially in the European region where educators and policy makers have put enormous efforts in understanding the inclusion of students and the way with which mainstream schooling affects development and growth of students. Brief review of the literature has indicated that with the development of new educational policies, it has now become responsibility of local schools to ensure education of children with any disabilities or differences in the social, cultural, or emotional context. In the past, educators used to indicate the importance of an inclusive group of students with special needs, however, recent studies have indicated no need for any separate defined setting or grouping for such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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