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Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Primary School - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Primary School" points on experiences in school, aspects of learning writing, varieties of activities.  …
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Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Primary School
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Extract of sample "Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Primary School"

Download file to see previous pages The teacher’s commitment to education and the insight reflection regarding the teaching and learning process enables him to see the complexity involved in the process and only then he is able to discover the hurdles which learners face during the process. Readiness for implementation of different strategies for individuals and persistent research to overcome these bottlenecks in the learning environment; increases the capacity of children to contribute to contemporary society.
A school’s curriculum consists of content that facilitates its students to learn and experience at a quality level. The national curriculum not only provides the same objectives to be achieved throughout the country, keeping in mind the age level; but also provides a platform where schools can produce their own curriculum according to need basis. The concepts to be learned are planned in such a way that they are integrated with social and moral values. Children learn civility and manners in this way as this is considered as a part of the hidden curriculum. The purpose is clear for all to develop learning skills and enrich our children in such a way that they become a useful and constructive member of the future.
Every child has a different learning style and the effective teacher learns through experience and research that one strategy of learning might not fit for all. The groups of individuals in a class have learning potential but all of them possess different styles of acquiring them. Thus holistic development of a child does not only depend on the contents of his curriculum but on the effectively applied strategies of an effective teacher.
All over the world teachers, teach children writing styles in several ways. Children need different characteristics and styles from teacher to learn the specific trait. Learning how to write is a difficult process for children, where educators are required to link several skills together which matches the child’s comprehension and learning style.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Essay, n.d.)
Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Essay.
(Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Essay)
Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Essay.
“Key Features of Effective Teaching and Learning of Writing in the Essay”.
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