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Out of the Room and into the Hall: Making Content Word Walls Work - Essay Example

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This article very informatively highlights the usefulness and educational importance of Content Word Walls for Middle Schools. The purpose of the article is to enlighten the teachers, instructors, facilitators and to orient them with the benefits of this type of learning for the students…
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Out of the Room and into the Hall: Making Content Word Walls Work
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"Out of the Room and into the Hall: Making Content Word Walls Work"

Download file to see previous pages A word wall is described as a special wall in the classroom that is designated for the exploring and studying the word. The purpose of designating a wall for such activity is to increase the knowledge power of the students by making them analyse unfamiliar words, spell out the unfamiliar words and resultantly enhance their vocabulary. The importance of the content word wall can be analysed from the fact that these walls are a collection of words that study specific and help in the development of the students. The collection of words keep on increasing by adding new words to the list helping in the further building of the vocabulary. The word walls also encourage students in using the learnt words in discussions, reading and writing thus making them able to use the words appropriately in every setting.Word Walls encourage Student Teacher InteractionThis instructional tool is quite unique as it tends to focus the students attention on the consistency of the words being used in the curriculum. The general idea behind the interactive word wall is that rather teachers just having the word wall, should engage students in the doing the word wall with them because the students tend to remember the words that are related to what they know and what they do.Using the Interactive word wall instructional tool also empowers the students and the teachers whereby the students can easily view content specific words and can, therefore, make use of these words in the current educational setting or in that of the future. From the teachers perspective there is a collective learning opportunity being provided to the students. This way it guides the teachers in preparing the curriculum in a systematic way and to address any gaps that are found in terms of documentation of skills. It has also been emphasized by Harmon, Wood, & Kiser ( 2009) that the concept of interactive word walls in the Middle Schools tends to “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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