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Architectural Acoustics Project - Research Proposal Example

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This paper “Architectural Acoustics Project” proposes a design of the room with ideal acoustic features for better sound reproduction in terms of quality and quantity in the certain listening environment with regard to its height, length and width as they affect the sound quality of the room.
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Architectural Acoustics Project
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Download file to see previous pages Specific reasons why acoustic services or designs are important in the modern architectural world to include: designing spaces that favor listening, for example, they are required in the construction of concert halls, classrooms, rehearsal halls, music halls, and theater facilities. They also help in creating a school building in which speech intelligibility in classrooms and auditoriums is dominant. In other ways, the technology is applied in facilities and structures where acoustic environment is viewed to be of great significance for the success of a project for example libraries, executive office space, trading halls, and nightclubs. In another interesting twist, they help in creating buildings and structures that are multipurpose. This technology is applied in a symphony hall, Santa Fe Opera House and Walt Disney Concert Hall (Lisa 2003).
The principal benefit of this technology for the existing problems in the industry is the assurance of a resolution that has the potential of working. Therefore, this saves time and money because clients are not required to try a variety of solutions that will not work (Vorländer, 2011). In the instance of a new structure or building renovation, expert analysis for application of acoustic technology can result in recommendations that will not bring complications once the building is in use. The cost for installation of acoustic services varies with the geographical location of a building, the type of the structure or facility, length of time of which the services are needed and finally the scope of the development.
People in the industry including clients think that architectural acoustics are more art oriented than science. Successful acoustic designers generally have a vast experience practically on how to apply acoustic techniques on real buildings and are in a position to evaluate how people respond to the acoustic environment. This happens because acoustic science applicability is based on objective measures and subjective imitations (Lisa, 2003). There is no clear-cut assurance that all users will be satisfied by a particular acoustic design. On the other hand, just as in judging the quality of architectural design, the risk of client dissatisfaction is greatly minimized by applying up to standard analysis in collaboration with the whole team engaged in the project or development.
Personnel in the field of acoustic have a good grasp of mathematics, engineering, and science. However, architectural acoustic involves a variety of aspects draw from both science and art (Vorländer, 2011). A broad base of knowledge is needed, including good background knowledge of music, architecture, theater, construction techniques and other disciplines related to the building design technology. Sounds and vibration control requires skills on mechanical equipment, this deals with how noise is produced on bodies and how it is transported or propagated through a medium. Electronic sound, on the other hand, requires skills on electrical engineering and or electronics.
Experience is a vital factor in deciding on an acoustic consultant for particular design analysis and installation. Architects dealing acoustic consulting services should have a strong ability to communicate technical information, in written form, orally, graphically, or even using computer models to communicate to a client. Acoustic designers have the knowledge and skills to use both complex and simple sound measuring machines such as level meters (Lisa, 2003). Some consulting companies and agencies use complex machines such as real-time analyzers, which measure the sound’s frequency, intensity, and time length by first storing the sound within its system. Some machines are handheld while others are sizeable portable machines. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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