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Mechanical Engineering - Essay Example

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Mechanical engineering is an engineering discipline applying the principles of material science and physics in designing, analysis, maintenance and manufacturing of mechanical systems. This discipline of engineering encompasses the use and production of heat and mechanical power…
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Mechanical Engineering
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Download file to see previous pages The engineering discipline possesses characteristics such as flexibility, individuality, and breadth. In terms of career paths, the individuals determine which category of mechanical engineering they are to deal with or engage in. This is as a result of its breadth and wide boundaries. This is especially advantageous to the current changing society therefore one can satisfactorily decide which career path to follow and not moving out of the core career. Mechanical engineering is found on the basis of mathematics, design, mechanics, heat and energy, engineering sciences and manufacturing. The mechanics discipline of mechanical engineering includes fluids which may range from water to hypersonic gases and motion of particles.
Engineers in this field are involved in research, manufacture, development, design and testing of machines, engines and other mechanical devices. They usually work on various devices in particular power producing devices like internal combustion engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, and electric generators. This is just but to mention a few. They are also involved in power consumption machines like air conditioning and refrigeration, material handling systems, escalators, robots to be used in the manufacturing industry, elevators and industrial production equipment.
This field of engineering requires core skills and expertise in structural analysis, kinematics, thermodynamics, material science and mechanics. It is through the use of these core concepts that the mechanical engineers are able to achieve their objectives in work. The engineers use various tools like product life cycle management and computer aided tools for the design and analysis work of the heating and cooling systems, motor vehicles, robotics and medical among others.
This engineering discipline emerged during the European industrial revolution in the 19th century however its development can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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INCREMENTAL SHEET FORMING ( Mechanical Engineering ) Mechanical Engineering. Netherlands: Springer. Davim J. P., 2013. Modern Mechanical Engineering: Research, Development and Education. Portugal: Springer. Grote, I. K., & Antonsson E. K., 2009. Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering. New York: Springer. Lefebvre, P., L., Banhart, J., & Dunand D., C., 2007. MetFoam 2007: Porous Metals and Metallic Foams. Pennsylvania: DEStech Publications, Inc. Lehmhus D., Busse M., Herrmann A., S., & Kayvantash K., 2013. Structural Materials and Processes in Transportation. Weinheim: VCH Verlag. Luo, Z., 2014. Smart Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation: Interconnection. United...
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