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Career (Mechanical Engineering at BMW M model) Part 2 - Research Paper Example

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It is one of the streams of engineering, which requires detailed knowledge of electricity, mechanics and other related aspects. The field of mechanical engineering has high relevancy in…
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Career Research Paper (Mechanical Engineering at BMW M model) Part 2
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Download file to see previous pages Mechanics is associated with designing and working of machines and can be ascertained as the main department of all other branches of science. A degree in mechanical engineering can be helpful to obtain a job in automobile industry, wherein an opportunity to design cars and other vehicles along with conducting various research and development activities can be gained. As a mechanical engineer, students may get assistance in planning and designing vehicle parts. Therefore, it can be stated that mechanical engineering profession is of great importance in the automobile sector (Murthy 1-18).
With this concern, the research paper intends to analyze the current demand for new hires in entry-level jobs relating to one of the companies operating in the automobile industry i.e. BMW Group. The company is regarded as one of the biggest manufacturers of cars, which provides job opportunities to those students who are pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering or searching job in the respective field. The various methods followed by the students in finding jobs in automobile sector have also been discussed in this research paper. Apart from this, utmost focus has been levied upon depicting the possible career growth path along with the compensation expected by the students at the entry level job and expected pay after gaining experiences (BMWGroup “A World of Opportunities”).
The demand for mechanical engineers is high in automobile industry, as they possess the ability of playing the role of automotive engineers as well. A mechanical engineer can cover the entire job roles of an automotive engineer. Both mechanical and automotive engineer are required to design vehicles for the concerned companies to whom they are employed. A mechanical engineer has the skill to design various components and parts of the vehicles and above all, they also perform additional roles of ensuring greater safety ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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