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Analysis of Two Learning Environment Designs - Essay Example

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This research study is relevant to “Teaching and Learning in Multimedia” in terms of using allowing the students to use an online discussion tools in discussing an open-ended problems.
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Analysis of Two Learning Environment Designs
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"Analysis of Two Learning Environment Designs"

Download file to see previous pages The authors conducted a literature review on the significance of working memory and cognitive load on learning performance of students and how the use of multimedia enables the learners to improve their learning by reducing the extraneous cognitive load on the part of the learners. It also discussed the impact of short- and long-term memory in solving problem-based cases, the effects of problem types on students’ thinking process.
Based on the literature gathered, the authors conducted a research study to test 3 hypotheses: (H1) participants in synchronized interactive multimedia will outperform unsynchronized interactive media in solving multiple rule-based problem-solving; (H2) Synchronized and unsynchronized multimedia could affect learners’ spatial ability and performance; (H3) demographic factors could affect learners’ ability to solve problems. Study result confirms that all three hypotheses were true. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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