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Design statement : A prototype for Prescriptive Learning Environment - Essay Example

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The growing number of elementary students who are having difficulties solving mathematical problems throughout the United States contributes to the need to develop a new learning instruction which could encourage more young individuals to actively participate in the learning…
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Design statement : A prototype for Prescriptive Learning Environment
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Download file to see previous pages et al., 1992: 194) to support their learning activity, the “Competition of Multiplication Table” will have to be developed in a prescriptive learning environment.
The use of multimedia in multiplication game is not an entirely new learning concept. Other multimedia designers in the past have applied cartoon characters in video games (Big Brainz, 2007) or simple yet colourful figures, charts and tables (Caltron, 2007). Designing and developing the “Competition of Multiplication Table” in a prescriptive learning environment based on Gagnés nine instructional events model (Gagné et al., 1992) enhances the learning experience of the students more than a pure gaming multiplication game.
using Gagnés nine instructional events model. The program will use an easy instructional guide to allow the learners to develop their self-learning skill. The package offers the learners to choose between two simple programs: (1) the ‘Competition of Multiplication Table’; and (2) ‘The Multiplication Table Prize’. The most interesting part of the package is that the game design does not follow a single structure in each stage aside from the fact that it offers the learner a reward of a free cartoon movie viewing.
Since most of the elementary students in the United States are having difficulty solving multiplication problems, there is a strong need for a proper learning guidance in the gaming design which can be attained from a prescriptive learning environment. (Cicchinelli et al., 2006) Considering the case of the elementary students, a democratic learning approach is not appropriate since it focuses on encouraging the students to express their own ideas, views, opinions, and suggestions more than having the instructor(s) / teacher (s) to guide them with the subject matter. (Gandal & Finn, n.d.)
Part of the instructional strategies and the package’s major functional features includes: proper communication through text messages to aid the students’ learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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