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Discussion - Assignment Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Discussion (Answers) Discussion 1a Technical Leader The model of a technical leader comes with understanding the basics of leadership. Leadership refers to guiding and motivating a group of people towards taking the right path. It is related to providing manual motivation to provide genuine support…
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Download file to see previous pages A good leader to be followed has to possess profound human traits even that are above conventional concept of authority. The qualities of a good leader require skills and knowledge applied in a reliable manner. Leadership is a profound concept, which has more increased complex implications; these are driven by the fast changing world. The leadership role is inevitable reflection of a person’s requires analysis of life’s challenges. In business he have faced numerous challenges one of them being government regulations which include vehicle registration, renewal fees which are sometimes restrictive to new car owners, this may be prohibitive to our business growth. Place licenses are not easy to come by since there are many requirements to be fulfilled before acquiring them. Car inspections have to be done regularly and these may be a problem since it requires a lot of money to achieve it (Ellis 56). Discussion 1b Science and Technology Even, though, technology is on the rise, it gives them extra work of developing software’s in languages understood by people from certain languages. If not attained, then it is only normal that people will not be able to communicate hence reducing global contact. Science differences range from organization culture to culture of a given community. The given organization is likely to have cultures that do not support the use of internet for communication purposes. Many employees spend many hours in social networking sites that just make them unproductive in terms of their work. On the other side some cultures in communities do not embrace technology use and still embrace the modes of communication that were used in the olden days. It is through such problems that social media does not go to lengths that it would probably reach. The level of education of the user of these technologies off communication also matters in that various gadgets may be produce to ease communication, but not all the people will understand the technology. The individual linguistic activity comes in as, they use difficult terms that may not be conversant with people from older generations are likely to slow down communication process. Misinterpretation may also come in; most people are like to try to interpret the wrong thing to the new trends, people do not like to look outdated. The fact that technology is dynamic everyone will not be able to grasp the new technologies (Ellis 72). Discussion 2a Ethics Business ethics has been defines many researchers differently one being the ability of a business to run without breaking the given laws. This definition shows the link between ethics and legal aspects and how they come in handy. Others have described it as the ability to avoid habits that may tarnish the image of the company to its consumers. On looking at this, it is important for any person planning to venture into a foreign country especially those that are undeveloped to have in mind that the definitions above can act as an important point to note because this could easily result into big losses of money in terms of lawsuits or customer withdrawal. So as the new investor plans to venture into the new country it is important that he trains his employees so that when they go to the new market they are able to work with the new rules that govern business there. The link between business ethics and law is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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