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Effects of Managerial Behaviours and Leadership Styles - Essay Example

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The paper explores the phenomena of leadership, an intriguing subject that has attracted much attention of researchers and scholars of every age. For the purpose of simplicity, this research would only focus on the attributes or practices that make a leader effective and inspirational…
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Effects of Managerial Behaviours and Leadership Styles
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the evolution of industrialization paved the way for modern management practices and the emphasis shifted from autocratic management to human relations style of management. The human resources, once considered as menial labor earned importance through their inventive and innovative ways. The next phase revolved around establishing efficient processes and systems for gaining an advantage in the market. This practice was followed by the marvels of leadership in the business domain. With time it got apparent that businesses that realized the importance of human resources and their skills grew in size and acquired a competitive advantage in the market. These businesses deliberately designed intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for their employees, in order to keep them motivated and loyal. An inquiry into the research conducted on the subject matter of motivation reveals that employees tend to value intrinsic rewards more while extrinsic ones with time became tertiary. Within the scope of intrinsic rewards, the decision-making practices by management and behavior of managers towards employees acquired immense importance. Those managers that can gather their teams under one objective and achieve results were valued, consequently, those who could not motivate their teams became redundant in the modern era. After going through many ups and downs organizations realized that both employee’s motivation and their sustainability depends on the decision making the ability of power players within the company. A manager or leader is entrusted to keep their subordinates motivated and actively working towards achievement of organizational goals. As a driving force within the organization poor leadership or managerial behavior can result in colossal damages. These damages can range from quantitative damages in form of monetary returns and decreased revenues to qualitative damages such as reputation in the market decreased goodwill and demotivated employees. Modern firms realized this threat and consequences of bad decision making; hence as a precaution, these organizations invested heavily in leadership development programs. These programs were geared towards identifying and developing incumbents into future leaders. Those who cannot only motivate their teams towards desired organizational objectives but also have the business acumen that can help them in facing future challenges. Additionally, these organizations refined their decision-making approach and practices such as mentoring; counseling and brainstorming were adopted by these organizations, in order to develop effective leaders who can take timely decisions. With the rise of a knowledge economy, visionary leaders became the scarcest commodity in the marketplace. Regardless of the product, size and prevailing market dynamics, it is proven through many case studies that effective leaders can take organizations to greater heights. These leaders have unique characteristics and attributes while their decision-making style suites the appropriate situation. Organizations these days understand that in today’s economically fragile and dynamic marketplace, poor decisions made by individuals or appalling attitude towards employees or customers can devastate an organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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