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The paper 'Development of Leadership Style' concerns the leadership skills approach which considers the knowledge and abilities a leader has. Basically, one can discover certain expertise and transform into an outstanding leader. Although dissimilar in focus, both skills approach, and the traits…
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Development of Leadership Style
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Download file to see previous pages The subsequent approach is suggested by Michael Mumford and associates in the year 2000. These approaches can be seen as supporting each other because they offer dissimilar opinions on leadership from the perspective of skills. In the approach suggested by Katz in the 1955 Harvard Business Review, in the article titled “Skills of an Effective Administrator”, he acknowledges three diverse abilities that a leader ought to have. They include human skills, technical skills, and conceptual skills. Katz stated that these skills are rather dissimilar from traits of leaders. Skills are what leaders can achieve, while traits are who leaders are (Northouse, 2009).
Technical skill is understanding about and capability and aptitude in a precise work or activity. For instance, to use definite computer software packages (like MS Excel) is a superior technical skill. Human skill is one that allows one to collaborate with people. It is dissimilar from technical skills, which have to do with things. These skills help us to cope with people and to correspond and work within teams. A conceptual skill refers to abilities to work with initiatives and concepts. These skills facilitate our understanding and put leaders in a position to better choose the actions and measures that have to be adopted in a specific field of work. Based on his deductions, Katz affirmed that the level of significance of each assortment of skills (conceptual, human and technical) was openly correlated with the degree that the individual has in the firm. The aim of this paper is to describe my leadership style using the skills approach. My leadership style is best described by the skills approach, which illuminates my basis as a leader along with my inclinations to the function of leadership. The skills approach further underscores the inherent skills and abilities that denote my leadership style.
The skills approach best describes me as a leader in the sense that it underscores my abilities and skills to perform the function of leadership and provides a platform upon which my leadership potential and style can be evaluated. In essence, through the three skills described in the skills approach, I realize my inclination to be a leader, and this enables me to sharpen my leadership potential through an established process of learning the relevant skills necessary for effective leadership. Technical skills, for instance, describe my ability to perform practical tasks like running a computer program.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Development of Leadership Style Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1546 Words.
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