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Servant Leader Formation Paper - Essay Example

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In today's fast paced business world, every organization is scouting for practical and powerful leaders. What does it take for a leader to run an organization Most of us know that it just take efforts to reach the top of the ladder, but seldom do we realize that it takes much more to sustain at the top of the hierarchy ladder as a leader…
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Servant Leader Formation Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The spirit of leadership rises from the leader letting others achieve and improve their capabilities and goals. Servant leadership starts as a feeling before it develops into a leadership attribute (Blanchard, 2001, Pg 352). A servant leader seeks to serve rather than control. Needless to say that their primary goals are more inclined towards human life enhancement. The focus on the less privileged in the society moves the role of a servant leader form an organization but to the society as a whole.
Certain imperative characteristics that define and distinguish a servant leader are as stated below. These need to be necessarily communicated to the current and the future servant leaders of the organization to mould future servant leaders. Inculcating and allowing each of the group members to learn the attributes listed below goes a long way in becoming a servant leader.
Empathy - The first quality for any strong leader is to stay empathetic. By empathy we mean the ability of a leader to put him, in the shoes of others, to act, react and understand the emotions and actions of his peers or his subordinates. A servant leader works to understand and empathize with others. The ability of a leader to accept people as they are and not reject them as people, though their performance or actions may not be fully accepted is an important attribute to make them a servant leader.
Listening - Communication has always been an important attribute for a leader. This is even so true for a servant leader. The ability of a servant leader to inculcate patience and listen to issues and problems of peer and others within the organization plays a vital role in defining his or her success. Servant leaders naturally identify and try to resolve the problems of the group. Their ability to listen to what is being said and not said allows them to stay in touch with the inner self of their peer and assist them in guiding and reacting to their group's problems.
Foresight - Foresight is an important characteristic of a servant leader. Servant leaders not only learn from lessons of their past but also from others. Their ability to foresee and link the future to the present allows them to take decisions that have a positive impact on the group and the organization. Their ability to foresee is a consequence of both experience and intuitive mind set.
Commitment to group - One of the remarkable characteristics of servant leaders is their ability to look through people beyond their contribution at work or in social life. Being strongly committed to the cause of the group and helping the group work towards achieving it allows the servant leader to reach the personal, professional life of their group. This commitment to a large extent defines an individual as a servant leader.
Compromise between individual comfort and group comfort - A servant leader serves the group. In many situations, the chances are that the thoughts of the group may be entirely different from that of the servant leader. Having said so, the servant leader needs to necessarily develop the attitude to compromise on his or her personal comfort or the ultimate goal or benefit of the group.
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Servant Leader Formation Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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