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The Twin Issues of Climate Change and Global Warming - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on the twin issues of climate change and global warming remain issues in the contemporary world.The writer thinks increasing the cost of fuel is the most important aspect of dealing with these twin issues. This letter to the citizens of the US focuses on increasing of fuel costs…
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Extract of sample "The Twin Issues of Climate Change and Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages   In effect, it is crucial to highlight the important role that an increment in fuel prices will play towards achieving these objectives to thus crucial and important population that is aware of global warming and climate change. For this reason, I addressed this open letter to the citizens of the United States.
I believe that we have all heard the adage that "desperate times call for desperate measures." In our endeavor and the quest to satisfy the most basic of human needs, we face a momentous challenge on our environment and other essential components of human life. In line with this, we cannot live oblivious to the fact that some activities that we engaged in can bring untoward effects to our lives. In effect, such activities required urgent action in order to converse the world for future generations.
You may be wondering about the motive behind this letter. However, I need to explain the intention behind this letter before I support my argument. First, how many times have we heard or read about the term global warming today on any form of media? In addition, what proactive measures were are taking to ensure that we maintain an environment that was safe for current and future living organisms? Besides, who amongst us today would not wish to experience new approaches that were safe and innovative and solved human kinds problems? I believe your guess is as good as mine with regard to all these questions.
The underlying issue in this letter regards the divisive and emotive issue surrounding increasing of fuel prices. In this case, the issue has revolved around two opposing sides with each side putting up strong arguments for their cases.  On one hand, those proposing an increment in fuel prices argue about the economic, social, and environmental benefits arising from the increase. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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