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Who Can Benefit from Global Warming Debate - Essay Example

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The author states that when the question of global warming rises, which happens very frequently today, we immediately think of carbon dioxide going up in the air and destroying the ozone layer, allowing more sunlight to reach the earth’s surface and creating the phenomenon of global warming…
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Extract of sample "Who Can Benefit from Global Warming Debate"

Download file to see previous pages I can estimate that there is a political debate on climate change where certain parties are trying to gain benefits. Of course, global warming exists. The problem is, how can politics affect it and in what intentions do people act to claim possible solutions? Not only do politics on the general legislature impact various different countries, but all people on the earth can be influenced by the effects of global warming and its impacts on our planet and on the human race. Politicians must fight not just for us, but for generations that will come after us.

Did you ever hear a new phrase in regard to the ‘politics of global warming’? Sometimes we pass the things that should affect our lives, directly or not. When did people become familiar with this term: Politics of global warming? Maybe it is a whole era that we are entering right now and those who will live for the next century only in concerns of climate change. Simply speaking, I think depending on what angle the debate over global warming takes, it will affect our generation by our country’s policy, international position and future plan of action. How politicians decide what affects global warming, will determine how we will be living tomorrow and how future generations will live. Democrats and Republicans are starting to take some actions toward the climate change issue and that is to enable them to gain the public’s voice to win the elections. The people also are starting to take some steps towards having a better climate. Prior to the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina in January 2012, the Charleston-based Christian Coalition of America, flew a representative down to meet with the GOP presidential candidates to discuss this particular issue. This Coalition is one of the most powerful advocacy groups in conservative politics. Kerry Emanuel, a Republican and atmospheric scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, went on behalf of the group to discuss it with political leaders. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... than time governments across the globe take more concrete action to check this trend so that emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere can be minimized. With concerted efforts on the part of governments and social service organizations as well as citizens, there is hope that the world community will be able to contain this problem. . Reference List Kowalski, KM. (2004). Open for Debate Global Warming. Marshall Cavendish. Retrieved from global+warming&hl=en#v=onepage&q=global%20warming&f=false> Farrar, A. (2008). Global Warming. ABDO. Retrieved from global+warming+definition&hl=en#v=onepage&q=global%20warming%20definition&f=false> Causes of Global Warming (1996). National Geographic. Retrieved from global-warming/gw-causes>...
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Scientists predicted that the average temperatures to be experienced in the U.S. could increase by 3 to 9 degrees by the end of the century if global warming is not reduced (Simpson, 2008). Causes of Global Warming Global warming is caused when carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases pile up in the atmosphere like a thick blanket, traps the sun's heat and cause the planet to warm up. Naturally, global warming is caused by the release of methane gas from the arctic tundra and wetlands. Methane being a green house gas, traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere. On the other hand, the man-made causes include air pollution and overpopulation population. Burning of fossil fuels causes pollution in the earth’s atmosphere. Silver...
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... warming, what the effects and consequences are, and how global warming can be prevented. Global warming Brief history of global warming Global warming may seem to many people like a modern day concern, an event that our current generation has brought upon itself. However, scientists and researchers have been following the steady progress of global warming since the 1800s. During the first Industrial Revolution, it was recorded that the coal, railroads, and the clearing of forests for various factories were causing greenhouse gas emissions to accelerate (Weart, 2008). As scientists studied the second Industrial Revolution, the same changes were again noted. A connection was then made between what was taking place on earth, such as wars...
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Global Warming

There are three main ways in which human activities lead to an escalation in the total amount of the greenhouse gases; burning of fossil fuel, deforestation, and agricultural as well as industrial activities. During the combustion of fossil fuels, large amounts of carbon dioxide are produced. Fossils get burnt in order to aid in production of energy that can help in transportation, cooling, heating, and electricity generation. 80% of the total carbon dioxide added in the atmosphere comes from burnt fossil fuels (Spellman & Whiting, 2006). In addition, land use change for example; clearing lands for ranching, agriculture or logging contributes positively in the increased levels of carbon dioxide. Plants cont...
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.... Among the main thrust of the report is to identify how this should also be beneficial for developing countries who require more energy not only in the business establishments but also particularly in the household. These countries rely mostly on coal as a source of energy and often resort to deforestation. The IPCC provides that “Energy efficiency and utilisation of renewable energy offer synergies with sustainable development” (p. 59, 2007). This in consequence provides for economic benefits for countries requiring cost-efficient energy with security while reducing pollution. The main opposition to the proposition that there truly is global warming brought about mainly by the copious amount of greenhouse gasses are ubiquitously called...
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Accordingly, this brief essay will attempt to briefly analyze this monolithic problem and propose a middle path to a debate that has been raging and consuming valuable time in the process. Furthermore, a determination will be sought to be made with regards to the question of whether human action or natural causes best explain the climate fluctuations that planet earth has recently been chronicling. Lastly, as a function of the previous points of discussion and analysis, the author will attempt to proscribe a reasonable and performable set of steps and solutions which both the scientific community and the world at large could and should seek to employ as a function of ameliorating the stress on planet earth and the issues at hand....
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While a dialectic method is used, it is used poorly, and there are almost no attempts at synthesis. The main topoi used by all sides are scientific data, but they are used poorly.
There are three separate arguments made in the debate. One group of scientists claims that global warming is not occurring, another group claims that global warming is occurring because of natural changes in the earth's climate such as an increase in the level of solar radiation reaching the earth or changes in the patterns of winds, ocean currents, or volcanic activity, and another group claims that global warming is occurring because of an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the large scale combustion of fossil fuels by humans that...
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And the major part of the warming that has been reported this century took place from 1900-1940. Ironically, the release of greenhouse gases was less during this period of the century when compared to the second half. In reality, the rise in temperatures over the recent years has been relatively higher when compared with the increase in greenhouse gases.1

Over the last few years, the issue of global warming has gained widespread media coverage. It has been the subject of many TV debates and now has a central role in the ongoing U.S. presidential elections campaigns. Many TV programs depict polar bears stranded as huge chunks of ice continue to melt into the polar waters. This has even been the subject of advertisement fo...
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Congress and Global Warming Policy

...YourFirst YourLast 23 June Congress and Global Warming Policy It is difficult for members of the Democratic Party to agree on a common ground in matters regarding global warming because of the interests that these members represent in the legislative houses. The disagreements on the most appropriate policies needed to address the menace of global warming are based on reaching a common ground regarding the level of regulation required. They also touch on the economic impact that these regulations would have on the people they represent in their respective regions. Every member of the house of the Congress and the Senate fights for re-election. Representing the best interests of the people that send them to office is a sure way of avoiding...
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