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This paper explores the preconceived causes of global warming and possible actions that can be taken by human race to stop it. Global warming is a term used to refer to the increase in earth’s average surface temperature as a consequence of excessive emission greenhouse gases…
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Global Warming
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"Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages Also, carbon dioxide has the tendency to stay in the atmosphere for long periods of time. Contrastingly, water vapor usually condenses easily or evaporate based on the prevailing weather situations. As such, water vapor can change faster to the current weather conditions in such a way that energy emitted from the sun and the heat radiated back into the atmosphere from the surface of the earth achieve an equilibrium. Carbon dioxide behaves like a controlling factor because its volume in the atmosphere stays relatively constant. Through emission of more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the point at which equilibrium is attained is at much higher temperature and water vapor volume. Carbon dioxide emission is highly linked with human activities, thus the claim that human being contribute considerably to global warming (Maslin, 2002). It is believed that human beings have raised carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere by approximately thirty percent, which presents a very big increase. The most common human activity that is related with this significant increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is burning of fossil fuels. Changes in the proportions of various carbon isotopes in atmospheric carbon dioxide that are related with anthropogenic discharges also points at human beings as major contributors of the global climate change (Bennett, 2010; Valsson, 2006). The burning of fossil fuels for electricity production, transport as well as from heating and cement production, all contribute to increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by approximately 22 billion tons per annum. Electricity generation and other sources contribute only a third of the...
Global warming

Global warming is a serious challenge for mankind as well as all creatures on earth. There have been changes in global climate in recent times posing huge concerns among many scientists. Global warming has mainly been attributed to human actions such as discharging excess CO2 into the atmosphere through combustion of fossil fuels, deforestation and population explosion among others. However, global warming skeptics have disowned the idea of global warming and cited natural causes of the situation that is now attributed mainly to mankind. There are numerous effects of global warming such as rise in sea level, extreme weather change, intensified storms and hurricanes, health impacts and reduced food supply. Human beings can do a lot to stop global warming. People can use clean energy sources, reduce garbage accumulation and conserve water in order to prevent continued spread global warming.

One of the most significant impacts of global warming is the increase in sea level. As temperature increases, ice melts. Global warming causes considerable amounts of ice to melt at the ice caps at the North and South poles. This feeds oceans with extra water. Increasing temperatures can cause massive melting of ice, thus causing dramatic rise in the level of sea water (Haldar, 2011). Scientist postulate that the level of sea water could increase by approximately 1.4 m. Consequently, coastal plains will be flooded or simply submerged in the surging water volume. A considerable portion of the global population lives along the coastline. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global warming
While these developments have made life on earth so easy for humans, they entail several disadvantages especially in the context of their negative impacts on the environment. One among such problems, which remains a major worldwide concern, is the issue of global warming.
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Global warming
The fluctuations in the global temperatures occur naturally. However, has been it is realized that the average global temperatures are increasing at a higher rate. Simpson (2008) notes that for 10 years since 1990, the hottest years to be recorded occurred.
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Global Warming
The effects on the environment lay a great impact on the living of the people and human activities have greatly altered the environment of the earth. Global warming is one of the most important environmental problems that mankind is facing. According to Sir David King, the chief scientific adviser of UK Government, “Climate change is a far greater threat to the world than international terrorism.” (BBC, 2004).
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Global warming
This event is known as global warming, the gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming is one of the greatest threats that our world is currently facing, putting at risk not only the state of our planet, but our lives as well.
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Global Warming
This can be estimated from the fact that “The President of the United States has committed himself to finalizing a treaty that would impose legally binding, internationally enforceable limits on the production of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2)” (, n.d.).
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Global warming
The concern is attributable to its negative impact on the environment. Fern (2003) defines global warming as the increase in the average temperatures of the earth and oceans. According to Goldstein (2009), the world has experienced a significant increase in average temperatures over the past few decades especially in the 21st century.
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Global warming
This research will carry out an exploration on the effects of global warming on oceans and provide an assessment of the various factors that could be the reasons of it (Haugen, Musser, & Lovelace, 2010). Oceans are part of the environmental features affected by global warming, which hit the world, as a result of greenhouse gases emission into the environment.
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Global Warming
l warming has effects on the environment which include effects on climate and weather, rise in ocean levels, melting of ice, flooding and forest fires. This paper discusses global warming, its causes and consequences. Global warming is the rise in temperature on the earth
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Global Warming
Throughout a long period of time, the temperature of the Earth has been fluctuating repeatedly. However, due to the climatic changes the planet conventionally received sunlight as a result of delicate shifts in
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Global Warming
Scientists have cautioned that the earth will become inhabitable if swift measures are not taken to curb the threats of global warming. The temperature of the earth is on the rise and life on earth is evidently at risk.  Scientists have attributed global warming to both natural and human causes.
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