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Issue Paper (Global warming) - Essay Example

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Any changes in climate tend to affect the average weather conditions that the humans are used to living under. An increase in the mean temperature will result to warmer days accompanied by more frequent and…
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Issue Paper (Global warming)
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Download file to see previous pages might be increases in the concentrations of unhealthy drinking water and air pollutions, changes in the rainfall patterns and other extreme events could lead to the spreading of some diseases. The effects of global warming may be summarized as follows,
Heat waves always lead to cases of stroke and dehydration in our bodies and they form most of weather-related deaths. The menace of heat wave mostly affects the young, old adults and the poor more than it does to the able in the society (Leal 30).
The rate and the magnitude of excessive events of precipitation are anticipated to increase in some specific locations as it happens in the harshness of tropical storms. The extreme events may lead to injuries and some extend deaths of the loved ones in the community (Scherer 45). The most vulnerable aspect to this type of climate condition is also the young, the old and those people with some medical conditions together with the poor in the society. There are also indirect effects of the condition to human life that may include the reduction in the availability of fresh water, interruptions of communication and transport networks. There might also be an increase in stomach and intestinal illnesses among the people affected and cases of mental health impacts like depression and post-traumatic disorders (Svensson 50).
Changes that happen to the climate may accelerate the spread of some diseases. The disease-causing agents that are known as pathogens are transmittable through water, food, animals and insects too. Climate change affects these transmitters in one way or the other thus affecting an individuals life directly or indirectly (Scherer 78).
An increase in temperature leads to increased cases of bacteria that are related to food poisoning because temperature accelerates the growth of bacteria. The resulting diseases may bring about gastrointestinal distress and in extreme cases death. Heavy downfalls and flooding may lead to overflows from sewage lines and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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