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Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years - Term Paper Example

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The "Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years" paper explores issues related to the impacts of climate changes on food production, and this involves an analysis of the global food production and the risk of food shortages associated with climate conditions…
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Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years"

Download file to see previous pages This discussion will associate the growth in the world’s population and economic development that have influenced climate change and expected responses on agriculture to climate change conditions at a global extent. However, the main objective of the paper is to explore the implications of climate changes on global food production for the next fifty years.

The natural cause of climate change is associated with radiating power available in the earth’s climate, which is generated through the power from the sun. Moreover, some energy is absorbed by the surface of the earth; thus, resulting to need to create a balance between the energy absorbed by the earth surface and the atmosphere, through radiation of the same amount of energy, which is reflected space (Rosenzweig & Iglesias, 2001, 1). In fact, the radiation occurs through an emission by the land and ocean, and the energy is absorbed by the atmosphere, whereby it is reflected the earth causing a greenhouse effect; thus, this process causes a change in the earth’s climate.

Human activities have increased the rate of climatic changes due to the rise of greenhouse gases (GHG) concentrations in the atmosphere, while increased warmth in the surface of the earth is attributed to climate change (Rosenzweig & Iglesias, 2001, 1). Additionally, rising temperature modifies thermodynamics of the entire atmosphere, thereby resulting in exacerbation of changes in weather. Nevertheless, there are other acute cases of climate change such as floods, droughts, storms, and heatwaves, which have been experienced since the twentieth century because of increased greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

There are natural occurrences of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, though the main cause is attributed to the industrial revolution and other human activities. In fact, the GHGs that are emitted because of human activities are referred to as anthropogenic emissions. However, pollution depends on balances created between the release of gases due to the innate method and activities of human beings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years Term Paper, n.d.)
Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years Term Paper.
(Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years Term Paper)
Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years Term Paper.
“Impacts of Climate Change on Food Production over the Next 50 Years Term Paper”.
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