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Violence - Essay Example

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Professor Name Paper Date Why Gender Problems are increasing: an Analytical Perspective Introduction The human is the most complex machinery that is ever designed by nature. The psychological studies are continuing to happen but no scientist has ever claimed that he or she is in position to completely understand human and his or her behavior…
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Extract of sample "Violence"

Download file to see previous pages The humans tend to fall in line with overall societal and normative outlook of the society so that they should not appear aliens to the local setup. The individual behaviors remain dependent on others from the beginning. The children are known to be dependent on their parents for fulfillment of their needs and wants. The interdependencies of a society often tend individuals to mold their personal behaviors according to the cultural norms of the community (Butler pp. 17). The community is primarily responsible for providing for the fundamental necessities of life. The societies are famous for exhibiting ruthless and inhumane behaviors towards those who do not conform to the acceptable cultural practices and therefore, they are often denied basic human rights. The human life is always under the profound influence and spell of the society and because of this reason, nobody does not have the full capacity and power to act alone. The sexual life of an individual is considered a very private matter of the person but they are informally regulated by the masses. The social constructivism theory states that individuals always observe the collective behavior of the society and attempt to embrace its norms and values. ...
The human civilization is made up of communal relations and therefore, the individuals have to demonstrate conformation with societal norms in order to appear legitimate members of the certain community. However, the philosophical minorities initially gather their supporters to form institutions and once these centers are formalized then the followers of the neglected philosophy have the option to practice their beliefs in a controlled environment. The gay and lesbian communities formed centers where people can follow their sexual orientation in an isolated environment. The attempts are being made in order to promote gay and lesbian relations. But, the struggles are not proving to be fruitful in terms of attaining the goals in a short term perspective. The changes will take significantly long period of time in order to become an accepted practice in the culture of developed nations. The cultural norms are considered as the most notable obstacle and hindrance in the way of profound cultural acceptability of gay and lesbian relationships. The contemporary marital bonds evolved as people got more and more dissatisfied with conventional marriages. The intra-sex relations were falling apart and both the genders argued that their partners did not understand and respond to their deep seated needs and wants. The intersex relations then became popular because members of the same gender knew the art of pleasing their partners. The growing demand of sex toys is an evident proof that homosexuality is growing in all parts of the world. Nevertheless, it is very much imperative to note that lesbians and gays are famous for acting normal in the public so that they should not end up alienated in the society (Butler pp.20). They are however, famous for seeking their ideal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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... Female Oppression in The Color Purple For centuries, women have been relegated to an inferior status in society as a result of their gender alone. Because they are woman, it was assumed they were incapable of learning, incapable of making logical decisions, incapable of defending themselves and incapable of managing their own sexuality. This was true regardless of the woman’s race, but was applied to the woman of color in slightly different terms than what we are most familiar with in literature. Rather than thinking of the ancient Greek Penelope, whiling away her days with never-ending weaving, or Shakespeare’s Desdemona, wandering aimlessly through her palace trying to puzzle out what’s troubling her dear husband, the woman... Female...
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Violence violence especially those aged 15 to 44. Physical violence is the most common form of violence though other forms of violence such as rape, stalking. There are various risk factors that can be used to predict the occurrence of violence and preventive measures put in place to curb the crime before it occurs. The prevalence of firearms in the hands of the general public has been blamed for causing violence especially by the youth (Stellman, 1998). The firearms are used in robberies and to cause injuries to others or oneself especially if the handlers are mentally unstable or are aggressive. The firearms are also used as a means to...
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... amongst the students and the teachers. The student to student and the student to teacher relationships are marred by abuse, neglect and in some cases violence. As is often the case in such environments it is considered very hard to resolve such situations through peaceful input from the involved stakeholders. However certain research has proved over time that it is actually possible to achieve peaceful solutions to these problems through intervention that identifies and then treats the problem. Adolescent violence and bullying have taken centre stage in the American schooling system in a number of cases where children have been abused, neglected and tortured to limits where they assume violent means to resolve their problems. However...
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Does Game Violence Make Teens Aggressive

All those teens showed great changes in their behavior, which was not in a positive manner. (Vorderer, pp. 69-72)
Furthermore, a number of studies (Kirsh, pp. 11-13) have shown that worse academic results are shown by the teens that play violent video games according to the National Institute on Media and Family. It is indicated by the researches (Kirsh, pp. 17-22) that violent games are preferred by more than seventy-five percent of teens that are interested in playing video games. One of the schools in Texas carried out a study of teens that play video games, and it found out that teachers complained of frequent arguments from the students that were involved in playing violent video games at home. In some cases, teens were...
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Domestic Violence and Developmental Psychology

...of the London Family Court Clinic Inc has published several research studies about domestic violence that take into account the perspectives of developmental psychology as a working framework. Baker, Jaffe, Ashbourne, and Carter published “An Early Childhood Educator’s Handbook” with the title of “Children Exponed to Domestic Violence”. Cunningham and Baker published a comprehensive study entitled “What About Me? Seeking to Understand a Child’s View on Violence in the Family”. These works are very helpful to deal with the issue of domestic violence from the point of view of developmental psychology since they take a humanistic psychology standpoint. It is...
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The idea that masculinity is synonymous with power transcends the times.5 At least from a purely feminist perspective power over women and children has always been essential for maintaining the gender gap in which men are superior to women.6 Anthony Whitehead writes that:
This concept of masculinity goes back to Victorian times and rapidly developed into an ideology that recognized “unity and power of men over women” as the hierarchal structure within “patriarchal social relations.”8
Masculinity and manhood encapsulate an ideology that goes beyond other characteristics of identity such as race, class, and sexuality.9 Heroism, for instance, is aligned to masculinity. The hero has been portrayed thr...
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Media is largely responsible for influencing their viewers or listeners in a variety of ways. It could be as simple as the viewer changing his/her hairstyle to copy the exact look of a celebrity seen on television or in magazines, but for others, media can take over their lives and influence them to think differently. Although not a box-office hit, Crash was given good reviews by critics and the movie even managed to win the Best Picture Award in 2005 at the Oscars (, 2008), including two nominations for two Golden Globe Awards ( This paper has analyzed the movie in the historical context, wherein it is discussed how different races have been perceived by different people for many years through the powe...
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Fergusson et. al. (2002) state that deviant peer choices are prone to contribute to an adolescences propensity to commit the crime, and that this is consistent with a growing amount of evidence. However, their study was able to study how deviant peer choices affects on a crime committed by the adolescent at different ages. The results showed that deviant peer choices and their influence on youth crime decreases as the adolescent gets older. Fergusson et. al. (2002) believe that these results are in accordance with developmental stages, as escalating life experience would ensure less vulnerability to peer influence.

Additionally, evidence shows the affects an unstable family environment can have psychologically and behav...
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The Criminal Law Has No Role to Play in the Regulation of Sports Field Violence

... consequences as an intention to deviate from the rules of the game and inflict injury could be derived. The act of Mike Tyson, for example, in biting the ear off of Evander Holyfield could easily negate consent and hold him liable since it was intended to cause him actual bodily harm outside the rules of the game. As can be seen, there are occasions when the harm caused may be serious enough to invite intrusion by the criminal courts. But their involvement is not necessarily certain. The courts generally find themselves reluctant to intrude on contact sports. Instances of their intrusion depend squarely on the degree of violence involved, and for that reason, consent may not be valid where the accused has delivered beatings to a degree...
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... violence is defined as the antagonistic behavior by an individual or people towards another individual or a group of people. It is can be classified as an act of bullying, which is today reported to be extensive among the nurses and health care professionals. According to Yildirim (2009), it is an unacceptable endemic present in the workplace culture. Yildirim’s view is that all members in organizations should address this issue as a group in order to eliminate this detrimental behavior. Additionally, it can be viewed as an inter-group conflict at work which may be manifested in concealed or unconcealed hostile behavior. When the term “horizontal violence” is applied in the nursing profession, it thereby defines a nurse to nurse aggression...
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... and terror kept on burning long after it was done. All the daily violence and degradations that black southerners experienced may, actually, be filtered into the occurrence of lynching, so that it becomes the main depiction of racial oppression and injustice all together. This essay explains that the intense violence in the latter part of 20th century in America, especially as regards lynching, is largely characterized by violence against African Americans. 20th-Century Lynching: The Violence of America Lynching took on an enormous symbolic force specifically because it was unusual and concretely frightening. This violence that a massive number of white audiences watched as victims were tortured and hanged were the most terrifying image...
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... their control. Though domestic violence and abuse can affect all gender and include children, it has a higher incidence in women, with research showing that 73% of family domestic violence victims are women. It is also not restricted only to heterosexual couples but also happens among the gay community. It also is not restricted to a certain age bracket, economic level or in particular ethnic backgrounds but occurs in all these areas and backgrounds. Domestic violence and abuse is progressive in its nature whereby, it usually moves from threatening and abusive behavior to violence or battery. It is among the least reported crimes in the world. It exists in many forms, which include emotional abuse, physical attack or the threat...
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...barrier of executing killings and violence. According to Eichmen, who was one of the architects of holocaust strategy, defended his actions by the deeds were condemned simply due to the German loss but said it would be different suppose they had won. His view led to the claims that most of the actions performed during holocaust were normal in the abnormal conditions that existed. He speaks of three conditions that lead to the moral decay, and they include; Authority, Routinization and dehumanization. Authority makes people let of their moral responsibility which in the normal case they would uphold. Most of these killings done were as a result of the soldiers obeying orders of their seniors. Routinization happens one...
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