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Gender Based Issues in United States: Challenges for the New Government - Term Paper Example

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This paper analyses the current gender-based issues being addressed today in the United States. It will tackle gender and race preferences in elections, abortion and equal work pay, religion, professional sports, ethnic differences, and business and entrepreneurship…
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Gender Based Issues in United States: Challenges for the New Government
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Extract of sample "Gender Based Issues in United States: Challenges for the New Government"

Download file to see previous pages President Barack Obama will try to address these issues and challenges in removing gender discriminations in the United States.
According to the article on racial and gender preferences on ballots, the author mentions that aside from choosing whether a colored American or a female American will occupy the two highest posts in the United States government, voters from the states of Nebraska and Colorado will come to a thought of giving black and female Americans their needed assistance for prosperity. These two states will lead the civil rights initiatives in putting out race and gender inclinations on public hiring and education.
Ever since efforts on banning racial and gender discrimination were neutralized by oppositions who have spent thousands of dollars in preventing the measures off ballots through dirty tactics like lawsuits and voter deceptions within the premises of United States. In the states of Missouri and Arizona, their signature campaigns were sabotaged wherein in the case of Missouri the disagreement with U.S. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan over ballot language left the state with only a little amount of time (90 days) in gathering the required 200,000 signatures. In the state of Arizona, the signatures gathered were confirmed not valid on questionable grounds. Similar initiatives were passed in democratic states like California and Washington. In the case of California, Proposition 209 did not end in a decrease of minority enrollment as predicted. Even though black enrollment was reduced in Berkeley and UCLA, the system-wide minority enrollment garnered higher rates from the year 1997 until 2007 and graduation and retention rates improved.
The recent U.S. Elections showed that the country is indeed ready for the change. The election of the new U.S. President Barack Obama serves as the proof that America indeed, is free from race discriminations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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