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Values of Gender Equality by the United States Government - Essay Example

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The paper describes a number of acts that will ensure gender equality and protect women from all forms of discrimination. CEDAW is ratified by over 180 countries. The bill consists of a preamble which includes 30 articles addressing the issues of discrimination against women…
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Values of Gender Equality by the United States Government
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Download file to see previous pages When a state commits to the conventions of CEDAW, there are certain measures which are expected to be taken by them to ensure that they will prevent any form of gender inequality. The measures include incorporation of laws that will ensure the equality of men and women in the general society. In particular, it ensures protection to women against any discriminatory acts or acts of violence, and the assurance that the state will prevent any discrimination that may be directed towards women in public, at home, or at work. The significance of this contention lies in the fact that it strives to realize gender equality. Importantly, the convention provides states with a useful framework for legislative policies that will prevent all forms of discrimination, setting clear standards of gender equality. Using that framework, states can bring in appropriate laws and legislation to ensure that women get equal opportunities in every field, including politics, health, education, employment, and the right to vote. The states that commit to the convention will take appropriate legislative measures and make certain temporary and special amendments to make sure that women will enjoy their full freedom and equal rights in every discipline (Wrigley). CEDAW is perhaps the only treaty, which recognizes that most gender biases are an outcome of the traditional and cultural influences on society. Countries that agree to be a part of the convention require submitting reports every few years to show progress in the subject of discrimination against women. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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