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It has been said that, only the goals that are written down get achieved; therefore, I have decided to put mine in writing and draft the way forward. Life is all about goals and achieving what one has set out to do. As a student, I have decided to draw out a plan and a timetable of how I will be studying; each semester has its own plan…
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My Goals in Life
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My Goals in Life It has been said that, only the goals that are written down get achieved; therefore, I have decided to put mine in writing and draft the way forward. Life is all about goals and achieving what one has set out to do. However, just noting the goals down will not get one to the place they want to be. In addition to the goals that one has set, there must be clear guidelines on how one plan to achieve them and a time factor as well. Meaning that goals cannot be defined as lifelong goals per se, they are either short term or long term goals. The difference between these two types of goals is; short term goals are meant to be achieved in the near future, i.e. a couple of weeks or months, while the long term goals are spread over a number of years. The long term goals are usually the most important but they can pose a challenge in that one tends to lose focus if they do not keep themselves motivated. Having goals gives one a sense of direction and purpose in life; therefore my goals will aid me to achieve the kind of future I have envisioned. Many people do not to live their lives to the fullest due to failure in planning for their future. There are no shortcuts to success and every resource one has available should be used to achieve it. I already have a mental map of the kind of life I see myself living and these goals help keep me motivated. As a nuclear engineering student my first goal is to graduate from school, and not only graduate but do so with a good grade. This will open up doors to the career of my choice, the biggest setback to being an achiever in school and everything else one sets out to do in life is lack of time management. Time is the greatest resource that man has been given and with proper management it can be very instrumental in achieving the set out goals. As a student, I have decided to draw out a plan and a timetable of how I will be studying; each semester has its own plan. I will ensure that my school work does not conflict with my personal life by carefully planning how and when I will be carrying out certain tasks. I take great joy in attaining high grades in my school work therefore that will be my benchmark. I was taught to never settle for mediocrity and I must say, that has been the best lesson I have been given in life. My second goal in life is to attain a master’s degree in management; this can only take place after I have successfully completed my undergraduate studies, I consider this goal as a long term goal. The aim of undertaking a master’s degree is to position myself strategically for a good and well paying job. The challenge I will have to overcome when it comes to this goal is still time management. I also have to make a decision as to whether I would like to take the course while working or as a full time student; therefore, studying exclusively means I have more time to spend on my books and the course project that will follow. But if I decide to study part time while I work, it means that I will have to make a decision whether to take lesser units so that I do not strain and compromise my grades. My previous goals are all aimed at achieving one major goal: having a successful career. The choice to undertake the two courses I have mentioned above is to help me in attaining this goal. The knowledge that I will gain in school will be pivotal in establishing my career and the experience that will come from working will cement my foot in the industry that I have chosen. It is no longer easy to get employment and especially so in the field that one has studied. To get a good job, the employer looks for both academic qualifications and the experience that one has in that field. Many people you will find have jobs that are not related to their academic qualifications. In this light, I will not hesitate to take any internship roles that come my way if getting a job proves difficult. This internship will help me gain experience in my field thus making me marketable as an employee. If need be, I will undertake other necessary short courses that will be needed in my career path. This will help me position myself strategically for any opportunities that may arise that will lead to an even better job title. Without these goals, my life would feel meaningless and I would have no way of looking forward to a bright future. They help to keep me grounded and ensure that I spend the time I have well and the resources allocated to me are well utilized. Read More
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