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In the paper “Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals,” the author helps the readers to define goals, allowing them to have a clear evaluation of achieving goals. The paper is a comprehensive treatise that covers almost all the aspects of goal setting and its relevance in the work field…
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Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals
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Download file to see previous pages The paper claims that is can “create a common understanding of expectations, improve one’s ability to track progress all year long and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with performance reviews when the review criteria are fuzzy or vague. To cap it all, one can infer that this book mainly focuses on setting performance goals.    The paper claims that is can “create a common understanding of expectations, improve one’s ability to track progress all year long and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with performance reviews when the review criteria are fuzzy or vague. To cap it all, one can infer that this book mainly focuses on setting performance goals.    Through the work, the author reminds the vital role of careful planning, thoughtful strategy, and the faithful and consistent execution are all factors of success. In order to achieve this, one has to keep a strong determination based on a well-planned goal setting. According to him, “Before actions are taken, a goal must exist.” Here the author regards goal are of two types—personal or professional, or it could be a team’s common purpose which one has to aim at. After reading the book, one realizes that setting the goal is not as easy as one thinks. It has an extraordinary power which can make an overall change in one’s business or personal life. The author ends the book by revealing the vital role of discovering the purpose for goals and goal setting in a person’s life and in such a way the book attracts the readers. 1. Lawson, Cheryline (2008) “Tips On Setting Goals - Setting Goals Objectives” < > The journal article entitled “Tips On Setting Goals - Setting Goals Objectives” by Cheryline Lawson gives informative ideas about the process of goal setting. Each and every person has goals that are mental, physical, personal, professional, and economic and family oriented. The article reveals various methods or tips for setting goals. One of the best methods to set goals is to write it down and keep it one’s memory. Finding the obstacles is also an important procedure in goal setting. The author remarks; “Once you identify the hurdle or obstacle to your goal, you will be able to cruise along smartly.” Generally, people receive this as a negative approach but it is more realistic one than other methods of goal settings. To ensure that the goals or specific objects are not impracticable is essential for effective goal setting. It is better for a person to develop a goal with the help of an action plan. 2. Eva V. Monsma, Ph.D. “Principles of Effective Goal Setting” Goal setting is considered as one of the effective approaches to concentrate on a person’s behavioral change. Specific and observable goals are essential for effective goal setting. To follow short-range goals to gain long range plans. Develop a positive approach to setting goals and discard negative goals. The journal article entitled “Principles of Effective Goal Setting” by Eva V. Monsma, Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina provides more information about various principally of goal settings. In his article, Eva V. Monsma says “The long-range goal of reaching your main goal requires strategic short-term goals setting” The author compares effective goal setting is like hiking a mountain and it needs enough time, concentration and hard work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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