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Sales Management of Moneybank Liechtenstein - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the 2010 goal for the Moneybank Liechtenstein company, that is done in order to have a better market understanding and increase sales. The researcher describes the correct goals for company's branch in 2010, analyzes branch capacity and product based marketing plans and goals…
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Sales Management of Moneybank Liechtenstein
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Extract of sample "Sales Management of Moneybank Liechtenstein"

Download file to see previous pages Due to the changing market conditions, the research, that is presented in this essay should be carried out by the salespersons, which will provide information on the type of products of Moneybank Liechtenstein that to be launched. This essay also provides several setbacks, that may be faced by the sales employees. Products such as loans, should take the larger fraction in the advertising platforms. That is because due to the changing economies and global markets, clients will not be able to save much into their accounts. Additionally, some clients will require requesting new loans to help in boosting of their falling businesses. The researcher states that Moneybank Liechtenstein should take this market niche to focus on the loan products. Nevertheless, this can be achieved with a growth in customer relationship to the set goals. The goals to be set will be divided into two types of individual goals and team goals. Then, the goals will be set on a basis of the firm's success and then presented in this essay. Areas of weakness should be targeted prevent any weak spots where the competitor can take advantage. It is stated that setting of goals will help workers overcome the negatives that affect them during their working period. They have to be self-confident and sales driven in order to increase the customer base in the new branch. It is also concluded that such reviews should be used to assess an employee job performance and productivity. To obtain perfect results, the appraisal should be done periodically.
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