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Knowledge Worker Information Systems - Literature review Example

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The paper intends to achieve providing useful information to researchers interested in following and understanding new trends in the ERP field. It offers a review that can assist industries or businesses as it aims at highlighting the unanswered but justified development and research questions.  …
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Extract of sample "Knowledge Worker Information Systems"

Download file to see previous pages Knowledge workers are expatriates in their fields and are known to have deep educational backgrounds; critics argue that knowledge workers are always committed to making a living (Gable &Scott, 2012). Knowledge workers include architects, financial analysts, inventors, lawyers, doctors, software developers and teachers. Because of their huge salaries and work control dependency, knowledge workers are also referred to as gold collars. Knowledge workers depend on Enterprise Resource Planning for effective execution of their duties. Despite its cons, the Enterprise Resource Planning has been improved over years to add value to organizations and enhance knowledge management.
Enterprise Resource Planning constitutes the process where a company integrates and manages its essential sections of the firm. A management information system that is ERP centered handles functions such as purchasing, planning, sales, inventory, finance, marketing, sales, human resource, customer care, and order management. These organizational functions are critical in the success of any business operation; therefore, companies are always seeking alternative ways of handling them effectively and efficiently (Shaul &Tauber, 2012). An ERP incorporates all functions and departments in an organization into one computer system with the aim of serving every individual’s needs. Enterprise Resource Planning enables communication among departments and facilitates rapid exchange of critical information. Gable and Scott (2012) argue that the software also ensures the streamlining of information and processes in the entire organization. The shared database is the central unique feature of ERP systems as it allows multiple functions that are used the various business units. The ERP software simply offers distinctive synchronized automation and reporting.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Knowledge Worker Paper-Sheila get better performances and results from knowledge workers. Harvard Business Press. Kroenke, D. M., (2011). Using MIS. Pearson. Lewis, K. (2004). Knowledge and performance in knowledge-worker teams: A longitudinal study of transactive memory systems. Management science,50(11), 1519-1533. Lindner, F., & Wald, A. (2011). Success factors of knowledge management in temporary organizations. International Journal of Project Management, 29(7), 877-888. McNurlin, B. C., Sprague, R. H., Jr., & Bui, T. X. (Eds.). (2009). Information systems management in practice (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River,...
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