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The Benefits of Knowledge Workers to Organizations - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "The Benefits of Knowledge Workers to Organizations" seeks to describe the responsibilities associated with the knowledge working practice. Specifically, the writer will share a personal experience focusing on the Informational Technology industry…
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The Benefits of Knowledge Workers to Organizations
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Extract of sample "The Benefits of Knowledge Workers to Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages As an IT software engineer, my profession falls under the category of knowledge workers, irrespective of whichever classification is applied. For example, applying the definition of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on whether a worker is a knowledge worker or not, “managerial, professional and technical” workers are knowledge workers, and IT professionals would fall under the category of professional and technical workers and are therefore knowledge workers. (Davenport, 6). The Bureau of Labor Statistics has also projected that the three fastest-growing occupations, i.e, registered nurses, computer software specialists and IT software engineers, who are likely to earn the highest amounts, are also knowledgeable workers. As an IT software programmer, the job clearly falls within the category of a knowledge worker.
An IT professional also qualifies as a knowledge worker applying the criteria of the U.S. Department of Education, according to which workers with the ability to process “complex or moderately complex information in the mathematical or verbal form” and turn it into knowledge are knowledge workers. (Davenport 6). Since the work of IT professionals requires the ability to process mathematical and verbal data and convert it into information for designing systems and programs, it qualifies as that of a knowledge worker.
In highlighting the need to improve the productivity of knowledge workers, Davenport (2005:8-9) also points out that (a) knowledge workers are the fast-growing segment of the workforce (b) they are the most expensive kinds of workers an organization employs (c) they are the key to the growth of economies (d) with increased outsourcing of routine, standard jobs in the agricultural and industrial sectors, it is only those in jobs requiring a high degree of knowledge which cannot be standardized and outsourced in this way who will be knowledge workers.(Hutchins, 2007).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Benefits of Knowledge Workers to Organizations Essay.
(The Benefits of Knowledge Workers to Organizations Essay)
The Benefits of Knowledge Workers to Organizations Essay.
“The Benefits of Knowledge Workers to Organizations Essay”.
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