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Analyse the benefits of deploying tablet computers in organisations and should focus specifically, and at a minimum, on areas such as productivity, accessibility, and compatibility - Assignment Example

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This can be quite critical in improving efficiency and quality of production within the company. Therefore, the first important action…
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Analyse the benefits of deploying tablet computers in organisations and should focus specifically, and at a minimum, on areas such as productivity, accessibility, and compatibility
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Extract of sample "Analyse the benefits of deploying tablet computers in organisations and should focus specifically, and at a minimum, on areas such as productivity, accessibility, and compatibility"

Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses on the merits of supplying workers with computer tablets in the workplace (Sorin).
A tablet refers to a mobile computer which is equipped with a variety of features such as a touch screen, microphone and camera. Unlike computers, tablets do not necessarily require the use of mouse or keyboard. Instead, they have sensors which can be operated by the use of stylus gestures or fingers. However, it might contain virtual keyboards that are used for performing any typing work. With their small and comfortable portably design, tablets can be very much suitable for individual use. Meaning, they can be easily used by one person without necessarily relying on a network of computers or servers. Thus, it can suit workers both in their offices and at the comfort of their homes. When an employer opts to supply the workers with tablets, they should be commended for taking a noble initiative. This is because it can benefit them in the following ways:
To begin with, a tablet computer can greatly help the workers to improve the efficiency of their communications. When each worker is given a personal tablet, they can use them in communicating with one another. This can be done through the use of email, fax, chat room or short messages. Indeed, these are revolutionary means of communication which have greatly impacted on the lives of workers. Unlike it was before, workers had to rely on traditional means of communication such as letter writing or face to face communication. However, when each of them has a personal tablet, they would no longer need to take much time drafting letters or leaving their offices to go and look for others to deliver the message to. Instead, if they have tablets, they will only require connecting them to the internet then draft and sending short and brief messages. With personal tablets, individual workers can easily communicate to their seniors, colleagues or juniors without many interruptions. This is because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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