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The successful integration of iPads and smartphones into the workplace. When the iPad is the only computer your employees need - Research Proposal Example

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The Successful Integration of iPads and Smartphones into the Workplace, When iPads Is the Only Computer Your Employees Need or Want Table of Contents Problem Statement 3 Literature Review 4 Objectives of the Research 6 Research Procedure (Methods) 8 Population and Sample Size 10 Research Design 11 12 Instrumentation and Data Collection 13 Planned Method of Analysis 14 Time Schedule 16 Resources Needed 16 Personnel 18 Budget 18 Needed Assurances/Clearances 19 References 21 23 Problem Statement Technology has gained a significant stance in the workplace of the 21st century…
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The successful integration of iPads and smartphones into the workplace. When the iPad is the only computer your employees need
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Extract of sample "The successful integration of iPads and smartphones into the workplace. When the iPad is the only computer your employees need"

Download file to see previous pages There may be two possible reasons for the inclusion of iPads and smartphones in the workplace, i.e. the demand of the business growth in the digital era, or the demand of employees working in the highly competitive business world at present (Gruman, 2011). Literature Review Technology gadgets such as iPads, Smartphones, Tablets and others have gained a remarkable significance in the daily life of human society in this 21st century. Undoubtedly, the features rendered by these gadgets are the major reasons to enhance its public usage and demand in the current scenario. One of the major advantages provided by the gadgets is their ability to connect people all around the world with a single touch and thus boost the aspect of international communication. Other features served by these gadgets include video calling, online gaming and chatting, and various internet services (Abdnour, 2011). It is in this context that these technology gadgets are emerging to be the most favorites of younger generation. Pierson (2010) stated that “The upstart college and career multitasker, age 18–27, is redefining connectivity at work and home”. Subsequently, Apple (one of the major iPad producers in the international market) sold almost 3 million pieces of iPads all around the world within a few months from its introduction to the market. Another major producer of tablets, Forrester also had to revise its prediction of future sales increasing the total sales to 13 million units. Experts have further contributed that almost 59 million iPads are expected to be sold in the US only, by the end of 2015 (Schadler & Et. Al., 2010). The inclusion of smartphones in the workplace was contemplated long before the inclusion of iPads and tablets. In comparison to the introduction strategies of smartphones, tablets and other technology gadgets are being introduced to the market in a different manner. For instance, the tablets are witnessed to be favored more than the laptops by employees, as tablets have almost every feature of laptops and other features in addition. For example, a tablet is also considered to replace clipboards in terms of its wide ranging features and effective applicability (Schadler & Et. Al., 2010). In this regard, Schadler & Et. Al. (2010) state that “Tablets and other smart mobile devices are brought in by eager employees and are opening doors to many new business scenarios, often in places where no computer works today”. Therefore, it can be stated that the demand for these technological gadgets in the workplace is highly influenced by the eagerness of Gen Y employees in the current scenario. However, there are various other reasons that have been identified by the experts to have a significant influence on the involvement of iPads, Smartphones and tablets in the workplace. As stated by Grove & Et. Al. (2010), iPads are considered to be highly useful for the companies to improve the aspects of ‘visibility and usability’ of the company data in order to serve their customers with higher efficiency. On the similar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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