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Systems and Cultural Investigation - Essay Example

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These are groups of the clinicians and medical staffs that are working together with a common clinical objective to provide better…
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Systems and Cultural Investigation
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Download file to see previous pages This paper seeks to analyze the cultural systems that exist in healthcare organizations
The term system is a set of interrelated, interacting or interdependent elements that may be used to work together in a certain work environment to perform a particular task that is required by the systems aim. Systems can be improved all the time but before it is improved one must consider knowing how its products are created, the reasons why they are created and how they can be improved. Many systems work under some set of principles so as to help us understand how they behave, for example, the whole system may have one or more of the defining functions. Each part of the system can affect the characters and behaviors of the whole system. Also, it is equally important to note that behaviors and properties of just one part of the system can be very dependent on the behavior of the other parts of the system. Each part of the system may necessarily but may be insufficient to operate alone so as to carry out fully the defining role of the whole system.
Healthcare system is often very cumbersome and opaque to their users including patients, nurses, and even the physicians. It best described as complex adaptive systems because they are collections of the individuals who are very free to act in various ways that are unpredictable. The boundaries of the organization can be very fuzzy since membership changes and providers of the services can simultaneously be members of other sub-systems. Given the complexity of these sub-systems, the action of the individual teams are much interconnected so that the action of one sub-system can change the whole context of the other sub-systems.
Microsystem may change over time so that it can respond to the needs of their patients, staff members and the external pressure from the surrounding environment. They try to coexist properly with other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Systems and Cultural Investigation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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