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MMU Assignment Hand-In Procedures in Terms of the Six Features of Bureaucracy - Coursework Example

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This paper stresses that Weber explained that bureaucracy is the most efficient way to organize human activities. Weber’s idea with regards to the concept of bureaucracy within a given bureaucratic organization is still present in almost all private and public organizations we have today…
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MMU Assignment Hand-In Procedures in Terms of the Six Features of Bureaucracy
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Extract of sample "MMU Assignment Hand-In Procedures in Terms of the Six Features of Bureaucracy"

Download file to see previous pages After conducting a research interview with an academic tutor, this report will discuss and analyze how the six features of bureaucracy as described by Weber can be applied in MMU’s assignment hand-in procedures including the extent in which the said procedure could meet the specific needs of all the key stakeholders. Prior to the conclusion, this report will provide suggestions on how to improve the existing MMU’s assignment hand-in procedures.
As part of investigating the significance of Weber’s six features of bureaucracy in MMU’s assignment hand-in procedure, this study will conduct a semi-structured interview with an academic tutor. In general, a strategic questioning is highly correlated to the accuracy and validity of the research interview result. Therefore, the researcher should understand and analyze the main purpose of this study when designing the semi-structured research interview questionnaire.
bureaucracy and the MMU’s assignment hand-in procedures, she said “yes”. The research interviewee explained that “the main purpose of implementing specialization of labor is to improve the efficiency of MMU’s assignment hand-in procedure”. It means that without a specialization of labor, the students of MMU and staff will be confused with regards to the authorized person and flow of the assignment hand-in procedure.
For instance, the academic tutors a.k.a. Unit Leaders are the ones who are authorized to inform the Student Life Office (SLO) about the students’ deadline for submission of their assignments. Therefore, the SLO staff knows that they should ask the Unit Leaders for a copy of the students’ deadline for submission. Aside from marking the students’ assignments, tutors are also responsible for entering their marks into the students’ record system.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MMU Assignment Hand-In Procedures in Terms of the Six Features of Coursework.
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