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Business Research Methodologies - Essay Example

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This report starts by looking at the background of the study. The aims of the study and detailed research questions are also presented. It goes ahead to explore the importance of business…
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Business Research Methodologies
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Download file to see previous pages Businesses are working together in procurement, outsourcing, and consultancy to ensure sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the market (Wölfl, 2005). The trend is set to continue because of the emergence of innovative technologies and the growth of national economies. Technology has opened up the various organizational operations. According to Wölfl (2005), the growth of B2B and e-commerce in particular has also been promoted by the growth in the service sector. In the OECD economies, services are now accounting for over sixty percent of the aggregate employment and production. The service sector is made up of some of the largest global corporations who have grown to become among the major users and buyers of innovative technologies. The global entities are also active innovators whose activities have led to the growth in number of firms in almost all the sectors.
Throughout the world, service firms have become the major stimulant for productivity as wells as efficiency in the business to business arena. They do so through e-commerce and in the long run accelerate the changes in the economy. According to Fill & Fill (2005) the B2B services have witnessed the fasted grown in the last ten years. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the sector accounts for about 50 percent of all employment opportunities (Achrol & Stern, 2008). In the academia, the B2B topic is well established. Scholars have investigated the issue in terms of the scope and the nature of business markets, employee and organizational behaviour, business strictures, management strategies and the critical success factors. Despite this being the case, there are only a few studies that have examined the critical B2B issues which come out of the service concept. Scholars have not widely studied the experiential, interactive and the process dependent aspects of B2B services.
Minimal work has been done on B2B with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Research Methodologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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