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Discussions, Findings, Recommendations, Conclusion - Assignment Example

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The type or kind of education that would be given would have to be of high quality while at the same strive to ensure that it makes reasonable profits or returns on the…
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Discussions, Findings, Recommendations, Conclusion
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Download file to see previous pages This is the reason as to why HCT as an organisation must strive to ensure that there is an articulate and rigorous criterion of recruiting, hiring or firing of the employees.
It goes without saying or mentioning that the amount or type or creativity given by a tutor is directly dependent and related to the acumen or quality of the hiring officers. For instance, if the human resource department of an organisation does not consider merit and quality in hiring of people, then the direct output of the hired people would also be relatively less (Huselid, 1997). Secondly, the age of the hired people or staff must be favorable in the sense that the hired people must be able to serve the organisation for a long period of time before they retire or resign. In other words, the staff hired ought to be young, trainable and flexible to the changing demands and requirements of technology.
Intuitively, the strategies implemented and fronted by the human resource department must be favorable and sufficient enough to accommodate the long run aim for HCT (about 2015). For instance, the employees being recruited ought to be well versed and equipped with technological skills and acumen since the world today has revolutionized along technology and all the happenings in the society must centered on. Intuitively, if the staff or employees hired are technologically aware, they would extend that skill and talent to the student who would be more productive to the society. In simple terms this refers to the fact that the students who would come from HCT would exhibit a higher level of productivity since they would be equipped by the necessary and requisite skills of technology which are relevant in the society.
Accordingly, the working relationship between the students, support staff and the teaching staff must be favorable and good so as to allow for free flow of ideas. This is to say that the human resource ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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