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Training needs analysis ascertains the needs of training at level of the organization, employees, including departmental to aid in the effective performance of…
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Hr Strategic Planning: Mod3 DISCUSSION
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Training and development activities within an organization Insert Insert The concept of training needs analysis A training need refers to the scarcity of skills that can be eliminated or decreased through development and training. Training needs analysis ascertains the needs of training at level of the organization, employees, including departmental to aid in the effective performance of an organization. The concept involves observing present performance by aid of techniques such as questionnaires, observation, and interviews. It also involves overseeing future problems and underperformance (Lengnick-Hall, 2009). Besides, it ascertains the kind of required training and evaluation of how it can be provided in the best way.
Importance of the transfer of training in an organization
Training transfer is where learners are in a position to transfer their acquired skills and knowledge learned in a session of training to their jobs. The use of the principle of transfer training enables an organization to utilize the effectiveness of initiatives training through use of forces that are vital such as employee development, new technology, talent retention, and skill gaps. It is also substantial to implement and design training programs that are effective to direct these forces. It helps to overcome and identify various factors that can prevent the transfer of training for instance, inadequate resources, minimal opportunities to employ training knowledge, and lack of accountability (Huselid, 2012).
Ways that benefits can be computed in an organization
Return on investment
Return on investment indicates the amount that can be generated in a given investment. Quantitative return on investment is the ratio between net benefits and investment cost multiplied by 100.
Present value of benefits-investment cost * 100 = ROI
To determine the ROI of the youth initiative opportunity, you will have to analyze initiative benefits and total investing costs in your program putting into consideration both variable and fixed costs (Huselid, 2012).
Benchmarking relates organization budget and goals established when originally developing the organization employment opportunity pathway. It helps an organization to improve performance of the employees (Lengnick-Hall, 2009). It also increases retention of employees and experience diversity among employees. In addition, it expands the base for customers for the organization products.
Cost benefits analysis
Cost-benefit analysis involves the determination of the costs and benefits associated with the establishment of projects of the organization. In this case, it helps an organization to undertake the projects that have higher benefits as compared to its costs and abandon projects that have higher costs as compared to its benefits (Lengnick-Hall, 2009).
Benefits of lectures, intercultural competence training, succession planning, on-the-job training, and online training approaches
Intercultural competence training facilitates effective communication in an organization thus encouraging teamwork. It also influences positively on proficiency and productivity of an organization and giving it competitive advantage against its rivals. On the other hand, succession planning enables employees to have a road map that is well defined regarding their careers, and it acts as a factor of motivation for better performance (Huselid, 2012). Moreover, lectures are beneficial since it is interactive, and the trainees can ask questions, or the presenter may change the lecture pace if needed. Online training approaches are an instrument that is powerful for creating a labor force globally in an organization.
Importance of management modeling, coaching and mentoring in management development efforts
Mentoring helps to build skills of leadership of becoming a better employee, team member, and manager. Coaching brings about effective management and enabling employees and other members of the organization to think strategically. Management modeling brings about role model in an organization that significantly contributes to the desired and consistent behavioral change (Huselid, 2012).
Huselid. (2012). Technical and strategic human resources management. Journal of resource administration, 12(3), 1-33.
Lengnick-Hall, M. (2009). Strategic human resource management. Retrieved NOV 10, 2014, from Observation Organization: Read More
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Hr Strategic Planning: Mod3 DISCUSSION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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