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The concept of Strategic Planing - Essay Example

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Compare and contrast the different qualitative methodologies for collecting data (e.g., structured interviewing, group interviews, unstructured, etc.), as well as the various methods…
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The concept of Strategic Planing
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"The concept of Strategic Planing"

Download file to see previous pages As explained by Creswell & Clark (2007), research is conducted to gain the missing information and knowledge that is needed to solve a problem. There are various techniques available to conduct researches. This report aims at understanding in detail one of the methods – Qualitative research. Before moving into the meaning of qualitative research, it is important to cite the available methods. These methods include qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods (Jobber, 2004). David Jobber (2004) highlights in his book the need for market research. Jobber has highlighted the importance of market research and has also emphasizes on how the research provides for accurate and correct results. Jobber (2004) also discusses that the results will help gain the view point of both the company as well as the customers. The information gained from these researches allows the companies to incorporate the suggestions and feedback into the daily processes and thereby improve the overall business making them more successful.
A research design strategy is one which includes collection, measuring and analysis of data. “Quantitative versus qualitative research methods—two approaches to organization studies” (Lee, 1992). The quantitative research method is a conventional method to study organizations and is considered objective. Qualitative research has been noted to be subjective and descriptive, “its legitimacy often needs to be proven in organization studies” (p. 87). It is apparent that qualitative research methods differ from quantitative research methods. Cooper and Schindler (2008) defined qualitative research as an collection of interpretive practices that describe, decode and translate the meaning of naturally occurring phenomena in the social world. This means that qualitative research is subjective and deals with words. In contrast, quantitative research has a cause and effect association and deals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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