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It mainly needs strategic/planned focus to make sure that the goals of the organization are successfully achieved. Therefore, poorly managing the human resources (HR)…
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Adding Value to the Organization Adding Value to the Organization Human resource management (HRM) refers to the procedure of managing employees of an organization (Wilton, 2010). It mainly needs strategic/planned focus to make sure that the goals of the organization are successfully achieved. Therefore, poorly managing the human resources (HR) can cause significant business failure (Wilton, 2010). Wegmans Food Market, Inc. is one of the corporations in the United States that was acknowledged as one of the best environment for people to work (CNN Money, 2011). The organization’s HRM is buried deep in its organizational and social responsibility culture. To Wegmans Food Market, Inc., its workers are the most significant people followed by its clients. Many organizations put it the other way, where their clients come first and then its employees, but not Wegmans Food Market, Inc. In Wegmans Food Market, workers are considered as an asset to improve efficiency of their social responsibility approach.
HR policies, together with its practices, are always connected to the strategic organizational goals. The organizational practices and policies should, at all times, be aimed at improving the individual performance every worker (Becton & Schraeder, 2009). HR should make sure that workers are treated equitably and fairy. Practices and policies in an organization influence how workers relate and interact with one another (Becton & Schraeder, 2009). For instance, in Wegmans Food Market, Inc., the organization typically employees part time workers without any intention of shifting their condition to full time workers, which can significantly cause a huge employee turnover (CNN Money, 2011).
HR strategies are the methods by which the organization’s human resource specific tasks are executed (Wilton, 2010). There are “HR function strategy” and “people strategy” in any organization that has HR strategies. People strategy applies the relationship of the HR policies, as well as the overall realization of the organizational objectives. According to Becton & Schraeder (2009), functional strategy arises in a situation where the policies HRM are applied for the attainment of departmental goals, as well as the effective management of the workers in the organization. Wilton (2010) argues that there is hard HRM strategy, as well, whereby the workers are considered the same as any other significant resource in an organization or even soft HRM strategy in which every worker is treated as a special resource. All this strategies can be seen in Wegmans Food Market’s HR strategy.
However, in Wegmans Food Market, I would suggest the exploitation of the growth, as well as support strategy of HRM, which is not effectively used in the organization. Wegmans Food Market organization opts to employ new part time workers rather than recruit from within their staffs, which hugely demoralizes the workers. The firm is considered by many critics such as Wilton (2010) and Becton & Schraeder (2009) to not be appreciating its workers. Their employees are ever protesting about their compensation even though they say that the treatment within the organization is good; therefore, the organization has to evaluate their employee compensation plan. The truth that the firm treasures its workers needs more than that because valuing the workers means that the firm’s compensation to them is first class. The organization needs to offer them support, which will make the working environment more conducive.
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(SLP - 1 ADDING VALUE TO THE ORGANIZATION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
SLP - 1 ADDING VALUE TO THE ORGANIZATION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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