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There are different types of organizational structures. Team-based structures are the commonly preferred type of organizational structure in many instances. In…
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Team Base Sructures
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Team Based Structures Team Based Structures The structure of an organization plays a crucial role in its function and the achievement of organizational goals. There are different types of organizational structures. Team-based structures are the commonly preferred type of organizational structure in many instances. In small businesses, the team structure can define the entire organization (Robbins & Judge, 2007).
Advantages of team-based structures
High Productivity
In team-based structures work is done collectively and each member contributes to the work being done. The strength of each respective member is brought to the table thereby solving problems using their collective knowledge and skills. This in turn increases productivity in an organization.
Boosting of morale
In team-based structures leadership is shared among the team members and therefore employees get to make decisions without waiting for many approvals. This makes them feel empowered and consequently increases their morale.
Disadvantages of team based structure
Time consuming
In team-based structures, it usually takes a lot of time to come up with agreed decisions because teams must meet on regular basis to discuss their objectives and come up with a decision.
As a result of people in groups interacting and discussing their objectives, disagreements are inevitable. This creates between rifts between the members hence reduces efficiency of the organization.
In order to make teams more effective the organization should develop systems to resolve disputes that arise in the course of the discussions and in the case of time, deadlines should be set for teams to come up with a decision. This will make teams work faster and save time.
In conclusion, many organizations prefer team-based structures over the other types of structures because they produce better results than other types of structures.

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Team Base Sructures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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