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Advanced Business Structures: Comparison of the organisational structure of Boeing and Unicef - Essay Example

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The report presented on the comparative analysis of the organizational structure of two organizations engaged in different business activities and belongs to different sectors. This research work is based on the comparative study conducted on the organizational structure of…
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Advanced Business Structures: Comparison of the organisational structure of Boeing and Unicef
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The organizational structure possessed by UNICEF and Boeing varies a lot since both of the organizations have a distinct purpose for existence and have separate goals and objectives. UNICEF is mainly concerned with the developmental activities pertaining to empowerment of children and women whereas Boeing is completely into manufacturing of advanced aircrafts for aviation industry. Though both of the organizations belongs to different categories but the common feature shared by both of the organizations is their performance which is guided by the organizational structure they have.
The controlling body of UNICEF is governed by an Executive Board which consists of 36 members who are selected for at least three year duration by Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of UN. The major policies and entire administrative activities are directed from it’s headquarter which is at New York City where the new developmental initiatives are taken up and the monetary issues are also handled. UNICEF has a very strong presence in 190 countries around the world. Each of the office of UNICEF has its relationship with the host government and with their help it carries out its mission. The organization is mainly supported by the funds supplied by other bodies voluntarily for developmental activities for children and women. The national offices carry out programs which are of five years duration which emphasizes on practical approaches towards realization of the children and women rights. The next role is played by the regional offices which provide guidance and technical assistance to the programs. The entire work of UNICEF is a part of United Nation’s sole activities for a particular country. Below given figure describes UNICEF as a part of United Nation and its activities (UNICEF, n.d.)
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