The Effects of Change on an Organization, in Particular the Learners Services Department and Sustainability of the Changes - Essay Example

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This article talks that one of the supreme challenges that the managers of any organization face nowadays is in helping their staff deal with various changes involved in the organization. The effect of change in an organization influences the overall functioning of the company. …
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The Effects of Change on an Organization, in Particular the Learners Services Department and Sustainability of the Changes
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Change on an Organization, in Particular the Learners Services Department and Sustainability of the Changes"

Download file to see previous pages So once change is made in the Learners Services Department, it must be maintained for effective functioning. This change, together with it, brings pain and insecurities that force human beings or persons to come out of their comfort regions to regions of uncomfortable discussions, and this guides to resistance to change. Central Bedfordshire College ability to improve is acceptable. The new executive and principal teams of the college must have an apparent strategic vision to make changes. They involve every personnel in planning how this is executed so that proceedings impact positively on learners. How efficiently and competently the top leadership and management inside the organization address these matters or issues, and how well they get ready in handling the resistance will decide the confidence of the organization, and its achievement in executing change. The significance of good communication scheme and the role it plays in creating change processes soft and less painful, or sore by cannot be undermined. The appointment of the latest principal, managers, every governors and workers are completely involved in building up a mission which situates learning and learners at the centre of every the college work. Managers position and frequently examine realistic targets for development for every course. Managers work intimately with local companies to guarantee that the set of courses and modes and times of proviso meet local requirements. Management and Leadership are satisfactory in the college. Course groups work healthy collectively to support their learners with clear and shared focus on rising rate of success. Every course has their own challenging targets, but employees do not always completely own or recognize these...
This essay stresses that the interview was conducted on April 2nd at 1.30 pm. The interviewee was Eamonn Egan, interim vice principal, curriculum and standards, and previously he was the head of learner services. The interview was done by Farrah Riaz. The duration of this interview was 17 mins 44 seconds. Many important questions were asked by the interviewer. Eamonn Egan answered the entire question clearly and appropriately.
This paper makes a conclusion that the advantages are that they give the people in the department a sense of identity, and it brings together closer woring relationships. He said the new structure that is planned is to take responsibility of the development of the curriculum away from a small group of HODs and devolve it down to sixteen Learning Area Managers, so that those managers can be specialists in the curriculum areas because they are much smaller than the departments, and can take responsibility for the development of the curriculum. Emmons said there are some potential disadvantages also. For example, while the lines of responsibility are devolved to give curriculum responsibility to people nearer the ground as it were and to be specialists in fewer numbers of things and they develop themselves appropriately. It can potentially lead to a situation where nobody is in charge of something. A mission statement is just a platitude and what makes a good mission statement for me is one that contains words that express the values and feelings one wants the institute to have, and so ours is a poor mission statement in my mind. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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