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Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment,” the author provides an analysis of organizational behavior, which is thus purposed to examine the human behavior in a work environment and determine the nature of the behavior in the job structure, performance, motivation…
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Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment
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Extract of sample "Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational behavior can thus be viewed through internal and external perspectives to determine the resultant impact on the behavior of the employees in an organization. In accordance with the internal perspective theory of assessing organizational behavior, the theory holds that the behavior of an employee is primarily based on the employee’s personal feelings, interactions, experiences and thought. On the other hand, the external perspective theory of assessing the organization's behavior holds that the external environment of the employees has significant control of nature with which the employees behave in an organization.
Organizational culture is the behaviors and values that contribute to the unique psychological and social environment of an organization. The culture of an organization in cooperates aspects like the expectation of the organization, values, and philosophy of the organization, and the experience of the labor force in the organization. The culture of an organization is thus expressed in its self-image, interaction with the outside world and the future expectations of the organization.
Organizational culture is equally referred to as cooperate culture and is shown: in the manner with which the organization conducts its business; treats the customers, the employees, and the social surrounding. Organizational culture is equally manifested in the extent to which freedom of decision-making is allowed in the firm as well as how power and flow of information are managed within an organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment Assignment, n.d.)
Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment Assignment.
(Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment Assignment)
Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment Assignment.
“Best Practices for Working in a Virtual Team Environment Assignment”.
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