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As a result, researchers should always aim at producing quality research papers. The biggest strength of the paper is that it has succeeded in…
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Peer review 2
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Peer Review 2 Peer Review 2 Research findings are not only used in academic settings but they are also applicable in practical business and social environments. As a result, researchers should always aim at producing quality research papers. The biggest strength of the paper is that it has succeeded in demonstrating the importance of ethics and honesty in the research process. The student has highlighted the importance of stating the limitations that a researcher may have faced in the course of the research process. The move is important because it could reveal whether the findings can be applicable in another setting. Besides being an important ethical move, it makes the research paper more credible. In addition, the paper emphasizes the importance of having a purpose when conducting research. A purpose determines the approach that will be followed during the research process (Creswell, 2005).
In addition, the article highlights the most important elements of a good research paper. For instance, it has demonstrated the importance of providing the steps that were followed during the research process. The practice enables other researchers to replicate the research process in order to establish if it is correct. Furthermore, the researcher should rely on credible sources of information (Cooper& Schindler, 2014). The importance of using reliable sources involves the need to maintain the integrity of the research and to produce information that can be used by policy makers.
However, the paper has other significant weaknesses. For instance, the post has failed to indicate that researchers should urge their peers to undertake further research in order to provide more information about the topic. Financial and time constraints limit the scope of the research. Besides indicating the limitations involved in the research process, a good research paper should highlight an area that needs further research.
Furthermore, the post has failed to acknowledge the ethical challenges that researchers face. Researchers encounter many moral and ethical dilemmas in the course of their work (Bhatta, 2013). The post should have appreciated the difficulties involved in applying ethical principles in a research setting. The move would encourage students to overcome the challenges. In order to produce honest work, the researcher may have to overcome stakeholders with stakes.
The post has failed to indicate the importance of demonstrating the research methodologies. The researcher should indicate the methods used to analyze the data. Different data analysis methods may produce varying results (Bergold & Thomas, 2012). In addition, they must explain the reason for using those methods.
In conclusion, the post has succeeded in demonstrating key elements of a good research paper. Understanding the most important qualities of a research paper will enable students and managers to produce quality work. As a result, the post has contributed towards the production of more credible academic information. In particular, it has stressed the importance of ethical considerations during the research processes. The business community depends on the information derived from research processes to make important decisions that not only affect the organization but also can have a significant social and economic impact on the society. Consequently, researchers have a moral obligation to demonstrate honesty and integrity in their work. In Job 2:3, God shows that he values individuals who make a deliberate effort to demonstrate integrity. The LORD asks Satan whether he has considered Job, who is a worthy servant.
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Social Research, 13 (1), Art. 30 Read More
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